Happy Thanksgiving with OHM At Least I’m Warm

Today is the American holiday of Thanksgiving. With the November release OHM released At Least I’m Warm to celebrate!

At Least I’m Warm is a turkey sitting on top of a pan on the heat!

It is part of the Thanksgiving celebrations to cook and eat a turkey!

To send a salute and wish everyone in America a happy Thanksgiving I made some festive bangles and bracelets!

OHM has a great collection of turkeys made for previous Thanksgivings. On this bangle are Same But Eaten, At Least I’m Warm, Turkey Platter, Tom the Dead and Same But Different. Combined with Poisoned Apple glass.

Part of the Thanksgiving feast is having a great dinner! One of the beads OHM made for an ealier Thanksgiving is The Feast. A bangle with Cupcake, Cheeseburger, The Feast, Body Slicer, Watermelon, At Least I’m Warm, Frappe and Chocolate Bar.

At Least I’m Warm is hot! And this bangle is on fire with Sacred Heart 2.0, Dragon’s Breath, At Least I’m Warm, Fire Ball, Rebirth, Fire-ation, Archangel Mikael, Fire Ball, Firefighter Hat, Red Moscow and Sacred Heart.

And because Thanksgiving is an American holiday I made an American bracelet with red, white and blue to reflect the American Stars & Stripes! With Coffee Collection, Blue Sol, Moving On, Cold Milk, Space Shuttle, Cherry Sauce, I love WA, Touched, Emerald City, Jingle Balls, At Least I’m Warm, Cherry Sauce, Biplane, OHMnique, Lucky Moves, Blue Sol and Burger.

Whilst we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands I want to tell you I am thankfull for all the beadfriends I have made and met over the years! But mostly I am gratefull that I am going to celebrate my Labrador Zora’s thirteenth birthday tomorrow! She got very sick some months ago and she is doing so well with support of medication now.

I feel that by making these festive bracelets I can be a little part of the celebrations in America today!

This is hi from Holland and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving!


For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

No turkeys were harmed during the making of the beads and bracelets!

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