Tis the season with OHM Bottomless, Rat and Snow Angel!

The OHM December release is gorgeous and festive and perfect for the Christmas season that is almost upon us! Release day is November 27!

The Bead of the Month December no. 55 is Bottomless! And it is the last BOTM after 4.5 years. The first one, Cave In was released in June 2015! So that explains his name, we are going to be BOTMless from this month on! And as we are still in the year of the pig it’s a very fitting farewell!

Bottomless is a limited edition, only 555 beads are made. He comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity with a code that is engraved in the bead. OHM treated us one last time with gorgeous packaging! The bead sits inside the belly of a piggy!

Also released in December is Year of the Rat, nicely in time for the new Chinese New Year. And Year of the Rat is eager to go, his smile is so catching! He comes in a bright red box with the OHM logo in gold.

And I am already in love with Snow Angel! A cute little snowman with a halo on his hat and adorable little wings on his back! This little guy makes winter so much more fun!

I am so happy OHM has added more designs to the Slim collection! Five more colours to add spark to your bracelet! Fog (grey), Cast (light blue and white), Bark (stripy darker red) Snow (white) and Wisp (white and blue) are perfect for making festive colourfull bracelets and bangles!

I immediately fell in love with the Glitter Glass collection, three sparkling, glittering seasonal designs that are perfect for the December month to come! Spark of Life is grey with white spots and what looks like cracks are the most subtle sparkles! Nouveau is white with a black rim and little specks of gold! And Sky Guild is sexy black with white spots and golden flakes!

And last but not least these two glass designs called Milky and Fogberry, perfect for winter! Milky is clear glass wrapped around a white core and white swirls on top! This also reminds me of frost ferns on windows! Fogberry is grey with dimples and is the same design as Strawberry and Lemon!

This December collection is so perfectly in tune with eachother!

We just had some frosty foggy mornings like this! Added You Melt me and Snowflake for a chilling bangle!

A bangle with Bark, Lovely Hearts, Wood-ation, Bottomless, Bacon, Lovely Hearts and Fall. (No piggies were harmed during the making of this bangle!).

This Year of the Rat is cute, but watch him carefully! Here he hangs out with some of his friends Rita Mortis, The Walrus, JD and Paper Bag! The glass bead Sky Guild matches so well with the Out There collection released just last month! From left to right Deep Blue, Sky Guild, A Sirus Wish and Galaxy!

And I made a complete New Year’s Eve bracelet! The festive season ends with a bang!

Time really flies, this year is almost over! We say goodbye to another year in this dark and cold month! Time for a New Year’s party!

While we are transitioning from Year of the Pig into Year of the Rat we are also moving into a new decade! We are leaving the onesies (tennies?) and starting the roaring twenties! Would you want to know what the stars have in store for you? You can read your horoscope or you can ask The Oracle!

Look, it’s almost midnight! We are going to watch the fireworks next! No one knows what the future will bring, luckily I have my guardian angels to watch over me.

Happy New Year!

And so OHM also finishes this year, this decade with a big bang of beads! What an awesome fun festive glamorous release this December is!

And remember, only today November 22 OHM has a 22% discount on the whole collection! Only today! Perfect to stock up on the new collection!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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