OHM Step Up and Library

One of the most fun and surprising beads OHM released this year for me is Step Up! An articulating bead with so much fun possibilities!

The bead can really open and close!

I made a little video to demonstrate.

Tomte and Hug Me are helping me putting up the Christmas decorations! I always buy my Christmas tree too big so I need that Step Up to put the decorations way up high!

A bangle with Tomte, Spark of Life, Lucky Stars, Nouveau, Step Up, Sky Guild, Lovely Hearts, Fogberry and Hug Me.

I feel Step Up can also be used metaphorically. When Love Hurts you need to Step Up to let someone Open Your Heart again!

A bangle with Open Your Heart, Sun, Jingle Locks, Rainbowed, Step Up, Confetti Upchuck, Lovely Hearts, Sour and Love Hurts 2.0. Combined with Love Really Hurts.

Made exclusively for OHM Taiwan is Library. A bead that consists of three pieces, two individual books and one stack of two books. This gives the bead a very versatile use! One stack of four books, or two stacks of two books or one book, two books, one book.

Here a look at the pieces individually on the bracelet. With Blue Sol.

One of my hobbies besides beads is reading! Time flies while reading a good book and sometimes we learn a thing or two! My book case is high so I need that Step Up to reach the upper shelves! Here I put Library as two single books together on one side and the two stack books on the other side.

A bangle with Time Flies, Snow, Library, Fogberry, Step Up, Milky, Library, Fog and We Learn As We Age.

Step Up can also be worn on the ball chain necklace. Here I removed the ball and threaded the chain through the beads. Step Up looks so much fun, both open and closed! I combined Step Up with Library again and Fall and Mow.

Step Up is ofcourse very handy around the house! I do a lot of DIY so I need that Step Up! I made a DIY bracelet and put Library on here because I love interior design books and magazines! I have a great many to get inspiration for my house projects! I put Library with all three pieces together to form one bigger bead. And I found some of the cute DIY beads I wanted ever since Mended Heart was released!

Chuncky bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and Screw You, Screw Me, Bark, Mended Heart, Bacon, Step Up, Wood-ation, Library, Fall, Go Nuts and Get Hammered.

I made this video earlier with Year of the Monkey and Monkey Bisiness. “Relax, I will look up how to paint that ceiling!”

OHM Gnome borrowed Step Up to get his Christmas decorations started!

Step Up and Library are both very fun and versatile! I know I need them in my every day life!

Library is made exclusively for OHM Taiwan and can be ordered here:


Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

3 thoughts on “OHM Step Up and Library

  1. I think step up is generous, it’s such a fun bead, can be used in so many genres & is executed so well with the working hinge. But most of all it’s given poor little Gnome a new lease on life. I don’t know how he’s managed all these years without it, now he decorate his own Christmas tree 😅🎄

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