OHM January release preview

We are almost in the new year 2020 and today we have the January preview! Release date is January 2nd.

For the series Big Bead Quarterly (BBQ) there is Holey Bunny 2.0! Like Hug Me 2.0 he has some moving parts!

How do you improve upon something so beloved? By making it move! Our Holey Bunny 2.0 has an ear, eye, and paw that move to make them even more lifelike. Of course, when you were a little kid, your favorite stuffed bunny was as real as anything could be. Talking to you, playing with you, snuggling with you…. they understand your thoughts and feelings like nobody else. You two were inseparable.

Over the years, your beloved bunny began to show some wear and tear. A button eye disappeared and something may have torn or gotten stained, and they are just utterly oozing stuffing. But Mom or Dad always patched’em back up, stitched the rips, filled them with new innards, and your tattered Best Friend kept hugging, comforting, playing, and understanding.

Your Bunny pal can never be replaced, but we can bring more into the family, and OHM is delighted to bring you Holey Bunny 2.0 still brimming with unconditional devotion. But plan ahead. Each bunny is also serialized, engraved with an individual code, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with the number of this limited series.

So, you see, this Holey Bunny 2.0 is very special indeed. But then you’ve always known that, right? Your bunny companion is a Special Custom Order only — why of course he’s special — and requires 6-8 weeks for delivery.

From OHM Lab coms Piece Alien! In cooperation with Paula Beadsaholic OHM created an awesome alien!

We come in peace they said… They even held up two fingers in the classic human gesture. Or was it the V for Victory!? Wait, what is that behind their back? Is that a wish for good luck? We often say keep your fingers crossed when wishing for a positive outcome. I sure hope it’s not a fib! What do YOU think, friend? Is this alien scout telling the truth? Do they really come in peace? I want to believe!

For the Chinese New Year Lion Dance is released!

There is an old tradition in China of dancers wearing masks to resemble animals or mythical beasts, such as dragons, fish, or phoenixes. Ironically, the lion is not native to China, but the LION DANCE has become an integral part of Chinese celebrations, including weddings, cultural and religious festivals, and the Chinese New Year.

Our lion mask is from the Southern LION DANCE, which is divided into two distinct styles. The “Fo Shan” style (“Buddha Mountain”), requires powerful kung fu moves and stances. The “He Shan” style of dance (”Crane Mountain”), is admired for its richness of expression, vigorous drumming, and unique footwork that mimics the movements of cats, such as “catching mouse,” “cat playing,” and “high escape”.

The LION DANCE mask is traditionally made of paper-mache over a bamboo frame, beautifully painted, and adorned with layered cloth and fur. The “He Shan” style of Lion Dance made changes to the mask, rounding the horn and flattening the lips into a duckbill shape. Different colors are used to signify the age and character of the lions; for example, a black lion is the youngest and its movements must be quick and playful like a lion cub.

During the Chinese New Year, lion dance troupes visit the houses and shops of the community to perform a dance called “plucking the greens” which will bring good fortune to that home or business. The “greens” were originally lettuce hung on a pole to challenge the dancers; however, now the “greens” could be pineapples, oranges, seafood, or even beer.

If the dancers can “pluck” their target within the character and entertainment of the dance, they are rewarded with money in a red envelope also tied to the “greens.” The more difficult the challenge, the greater the reward and the good luck that follows.

Our OHM LION DANCE bead can also cleverly move its mouth to “pluck the greens” and bring you good luck and entertaining fun all year long. Here’s wishing you good fortune and let the dance begin!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Exclusive for OHM Australia is Bilabong.

Ohm is delighted to celebrate the Australian Billabong with this rippling and beautiful glass bead. The water is dappled with sunlight, and sparkles with crystal accents, as a welcome breeze stirs gentle rings across the surface. You can almost see the wild animals and thirsty humans gathering to partake in its cool refreshment. This bead will refresh your bracelet too with a soft and subtle color. Let it remind you that the flow of life may change its course, but though one resource may be diverted, another opportunity will always open, perhaps more important than before.

A billabong is an Australian term for an isolated lake or pond left behind after a river changes course. Billabongs are found in hot, dry, barren landscapes, so they often fill with water seasonally and then go dry the rest of the year. The name “billabong” is likely derived from the Aboriginal word “bila” meaning river combined with “bong” meaning dead. Yet these so-called “dead rivers” sometimes hold their water longer than various portions of other rivers in arid Australia and therefore billabongs are very important to the life of that region. Billabongs have been celebrated in Australian lore for ages.

Exclusive for OHM Thailand is this series.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Boromart Bophit, King Rama 9, was the beloved King of Thailand and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history. He performed royal duties that benefited the society and people of Thailand.

King Rama 9 usually traveled in a 4×4 vehicle when he went to visit Thai people in remote, underdeveloped areas.

VR009 was the call sign of King Rama 9. He often used radio communication to give advice during disaster relief operations.

As a talented sportsman, King Rama 9 designed and built a sailboat himself and had the copyright registered in England. He sailed in the 4th South East Asian Peninsula Games in 1967 and won the gold medal. He said, “To win the competition is in fact to win ourselves.”

And there are all the new releases for January! A great many will go on my wishlist!

2 thoughts on “OHM January release preview

  1. Wow such a diverse release! My favourites are peace alien & the Chinese dragon. January will be here in no time, better start planning. Thanks Trudy😊


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