OHM Peace Alien

With the OHM January release Peace Alien has landed in the OHMverse! Peace Alien is an OHM lab project in cooperation with Paula from Beadsaholic! He has taken on a very long journey. Where is he heading?

Peace Alien is a very cute looking guy, but looks can be deceiving! He holds up his right hand with two fingers, peace. Or victory??

But his left hand is hidden behind his back with his fingers crossed! What’s that all about! And he has giant boots!

What is his final destination? What are his intentions? Does he really come in peace?

Peace Alien flew arcoss the immense Stardust and Dreamscape in his Cute UFO for a very long time, nobody knows where he came from. He is not alone, his pet is with him! Don’t be afraid, it’s only Chestburster, down boy!

During the long and lonely journey he encountered other aliens traveling across Deep Blue and Galaxy! Peace Alien wants them to join him on his quest. The Robots in their UFO agree to travel with him to his final destination.

When Peace Alien reaches Luna he watches Astronaut in his Space Shuttle. Astronaut is working to excavate Dragon Skin and Dragon Bone. Peace Alien decides to deal with him later.

When Peace Alien finally reaches Earth he is so surprised by the light! Across the Water-ation he can See Forever! After traveling through a dark and gloomy galaxy for so long all he wanted was to raid this planet! But the sunshine lifts the evil from his heart! He really wants to come in peace now and fingers crossed Gnomestronaut wants to be his friend!

They are all going to explore the stars together and learn to work and play in the wide amazing galaxy!

Peace Alien in his Cute UFO orbiting Earth with Chestburster.

Gnomestronaut in his Rocket orbiting Luna.

Stardust with Dreamscape and Sirius Wish.

The Robots in their UFO.

Astronaut in his Space Shuttle.

Live Long and Prosper!!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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