Bye bye BOTM!

After 4.5 years and 55 editions OHM has decided to cancel the Bead of the Month. They said they would make them as long as they felt like it and now it’s time for new things entering a new decade! And to give the BOTM a propper goodbye I am going to list them all!

I bought my first OHM bead Cute Ufo back in 2014! And I fell in love with OHM after I bought Love Hurts in the beginning of 2015! So I was around in time for the very start of Bead of the Month in June 2015! I do not have all of them but I have many!

Every Bead of the Month is a limited edition and comes with a certificate of authenticity with a serial number and corresponding code that is engraved in the bead. I also added extra information to every BOTM that had different finishes and of the additional packaging.

I did reviews of many of the BOTM, you can check them out for further information and inspiration.

Here it goes!




June no. 1 Cave In. 555 pieces.

July no. 2 Latte. 555 pieces.

August no. 3. Black Sheep. 555 pieces.

September no. 4. Argh. 222 pieces. With a wooden pirate box and black rope.

October no. 5. Deadhead. 747 pieces. (Bought the bangle, Bar Brawl and Hipster Hops too).

November no. 6. Same Same But Eaten. 599 pieces.

December no. 7. Holey Ham. 678 pieces. OHM stock photos. In grey box with white logo. The first BOTM I skipped. I bought Same But Eaten the month before because I already owned Turkey Platter and Same But Eaten. I felt stretched already because I am a vegetarian. But hey, no turkeys were harmed during the making of these beads! But a ham was a bit too much for me!




January no. 8. Weeping Warrior. 555 pieces. In a white pouch with a wooden box containing coloured pebbles and scented oil.

February no. 9. Love Cage. 555 pieces. Set of two. With a birdcage, feather and leather cord.

March no. 10. Lucky Moves. 333 pieces. In a green with gold logo box.

April no. 11. Mama Terra. 555 pieces. In a white pouch with a clay pot and hessian bag. (Found a Love Hurts while buying Mama Terra).

May no. 12. Luna. 555 pieces. Regular silver Luna in a black box, Dirty Luna in a white box. This was the first BOTM with two different versions, a regular silver and a dirty version, OHM stock photo. It was a blind distribution, you could not choose the finish. Another surprise was that the dirty versions were one of a kind, every Dirty Luna is different and very rare.

June no. 13. Hug Me. 789 pieces. In a black and white tartan box.

July no. 14. Caramel Latte, set of two. 333 pieces. In a brown box with an OHMFUEL coffee mug.

August no. 15. Hive Mind. 888 pieces. In a black hexagon box with yellow/gold logo. Hive Mind came in four different finishes: regular silver, dirty, blush and gold vermeil, OHM stock photo. Each finish contained 222 pieces. With this BOTM you could choose the finish you wanted.

September no. 16. Chi Chi Sticks. 999 pieces. In a ruby pouch with a wooden tube containing chi chi sticks to make your own set. And an extensive explanation how to use them. Each bead holds a stick inside with an inspiring word in different languages. Check out Ohmily on Facebook for a post with an extensive list of words that were used.

October no. 17. Sugar Sleigh Ride 2.0. 777 pieces. In a white box with blue snowflakes.

November no. 18. Tom the Dead. 555 pieces. In a black coffin shaped box with sugar skulls.

December no. 19. Ho! Ho! No. 888 pieces. In a Grumpy Cat decorated box.




January no. 20. Year of the Cock. 555 pieces. In a red box with gold logo. (Fire Balls not included).

February no. 21. Love Kills. 333 pieces. OHM stock photos. In a ruby pouch with a wooden box and leather cord. I do not have this one, skulls creep me out!

March no. 22. Bunny Reaper. 555 pieces. In a cream box decorated with coloured easter eggs and flowers.

April no. 23. Golden Fleece. 555 pieces. OHM stock photos. In a golden box. The finish of this bead gold vermeil did not appeal to me.

May no. 24. Wings Of Protection. 222 pieces. Wrapped in a white felt cocoon with a yellow box decorated with butterflies.

June no. 25. Heart Of Stone. 1111 pieces. In a black pouch and inside a clay box with sealed lid which you had to smash to get the bead out! Another blind bag release with three different finishes: from left to right silver outside/dirty inside, all silver and dirty outside/silver inside, OHM stock photo.

July no. 26. Coffee Collection, set of two. 555 pieces. In a black pouch with a coffee to go cup.

August no. 27. Sun Dragon. 888 pieces. OHM stock photos. In a black circular box. Choices have to be made and this bead did not make my shortlist at the time!

September no. 28. Kamasutra. 696 pieces. In a black pouch. The box is a real piece of art, with a moving graphic image in the top when you open the box.

October no. 29. Trick Or Treat. 999 pieces. In a box with orange pupkin design and green logo. The Trick is that there are four different ones, OHM stock photo. Two designs with two different finishes: regular silver and dirty. The Treat is that is has an orange inside that glows under UV light! A blind bag distribution.

November no. 30. The Feast. 888 pieces. In a white pouch with a bamboo spoon and fork and a basket envelope.

December no. 31. Stardust. 1111 pieces. In a black pouch with a midnight blue star shaped box with white logo.




January no. 32. Year of the Dog. 1234 pieces. In a delecate embroidered pouch with a Mala, a string of meditation beads.

February no. 33. Tea Bag. 2222 pieces. In a tea bag inside a tea strainer with a tea tin.

March no. 34. Bunny Angel. 2222 pieces. In a black box decorated with black and white easter eggs and stars.

April no. 35. Spring Refractions. 2222 pieces. In a green/pink decorated box.

May no. 36. Forbidden Fruit. 2222 pieces. In a white pouch with a wooden crate.

June no. 37 Susy the Sloth. 2221 pieces. OHM stock photos. In a black pouch with a Suzy Sloth decorated bag. Again other priorities, I didn’t got around to buy this one!

July no. 38. Black Coffee. 2222 pieces. With a hessian bag.

August no. 39. The Office. 2222 pieces. Comes inside a cardbox outhouse.

September no. 40. Astronargh. 999 pieces. Came inside a bath bomb! Five different designs where Astronargh holds his gun in a different tentacle or in one case two guns, OHM stock photo. This was also a blind bag distribution.

October no. 41. Magic Frog. 666 pieces. In a black pouch and a chocolate frog box.

November no. 42. Rebirth. 777 pieces. In a black pouch with a decorative tea light.

December no. 43. Gramophone. 555 pieces. With a round metal tin.




January no. 44. Year of the Pig. 888 pieces. OHM stock photos. In a golden box. Just completely missed this one! On my wishlist!

February no. 45. Jingle Locks. 777 pieces. In a grey box with heart lock logo design.

March no. 46. Holey Bunny. 789 pieces. In a purple tartan box.

April no. 47 Leaf Life. 555 pieces. In a box with green leaf designs. Leaf Life has three different versions, OHM stock photo, and is a blind bag release.

May no. 48. Inner Self. 555 pieces. In a black pouch and hexagon wooden box with a mirror inside the lid. This stunning bead was made with so many different colours of glass! OHM stock photo. Check out the Ohmily facebook page with a post packed with pictures, or Instagram using #ohminnerself. Also a blind bag distribution.

June no. 49. Mended Heart. 555 pieces. In a black pouch with a square metal box.

July no. 50. Frappe. 555 pieces. In a black pouch with a cardboard container.

August no. 51. Heart of the Woods. 555 pieces. In a black pouch with a log design wooden box.

September no. 52. Jamie the Jellyfish. 555 pieces. In a black pouch with a box covered with Mother of Pearl.

October no. 53. Who Dead. 555 pieces. With a purse with Owl design.

November no. 54. Oracle. 555 pieces. In a white pouch with a coconut tea light.

December no. 55. Bottomless. 555 pieces. In a black pouch inside a black pig with gold leaf.

Are you still here? You made it to the end of the BOTM list, congratulations! This is the complete list of all OHM Beads of the Month running from June 2015 until December 2019! I am a bit sad to see this phenomenon go but I am sure OHM has more surprises for us in store for the new decade! But it will be BOTM less!

Only six BOTM I missed! OHM stock photos.

3 thoughts on “Bye bye BOTM!

  1. Botm’s i’m missing a lot since I started the collection only two years ago
    I’d love to have a few more but sometimes they’re overpriced and step on.
    I’m waiting for the new initiatives if there are. Thank you useful article, well done 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow Trudy
    That was a mammoth effort and thank you for the recap.
    I wonder how many coffees you consumed while putting that together?!
    So wonderful to look back on all the designs, they’re all so amazing in their own right.
    I realised I do actually have quite a few of them, but also realised I should have more of them.
    Oh well I’m sure there’s so many more wonderful surprises coming as we move forward into 2020.
    Thank you I enjoyed your article so much😊


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