OHM February release preview

This is the preview for the OHM February release! And OHM has made some very stunning, funny and lovely designs!

Release day is January 30!

First up is an OHM Lab cooperarion with Susy Gamarra called Little Red Riding Hood!

You may think you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But maybe not.

True, a young girl with a scarlet cape and a basket of goodies wanders off the path on the way to Grandma’s house. And, yes, she meets a Big Bad Wolf who tricks her into surrendering Grandma’s address. The wolf dashes ahead; eats Grandma; slaps on Grandma’s bonnet; and jumps into Grandma’s bed to await the arrival of young Red.

“”My, what big ears you have, Grandma!”” the wary girl remarks. “”The better to hear you with, my dear”” the sly wolf replies in his best crackly Grandma voice. “”My, what sharp teeth you have, Grandma!”” observes the frightened girl. The wolf attack: “”The better to EAT you with, my dear!””

Now, some folks say that the wicked wolf ate poor Little Red Riding Hood and that was the end of the story. Or you may have heard that a handsome Woodsman happened by just in time to hear the girls screams, and he chopped up the wolf with his ax and rescued our heroine. Not true. We at OHM know the real story. Our girl didn’t need a man to save her, nor was she really fooled by Wolfie’s charade. Our girl had a knife in that sweet basket of treats, and she skinned that Big Bad Wolf faster than he could say “”I’ll huff and I’ll puff.”” Now that’s what we call stepping up female empowerment.

Perhaps now we should call her Little Red Wolfslayer … You go, girl!

This is Love Snap! A bead perfect for Valentines Day! I love the story with this bead!

The Love Snap is gesture made by your index finger and your thumb to create a tiny heart! Hold that heart-shaped gesture for a moment, direct it at someone you love, and now you’ve made a Love Snap!

The finger heart, or love snap, was pioneered by South Korean actress Kim Hye-Soo when she reinvented her screen persona as a glamorous and confident “femme fatale” and became an A-list star. The gesture was picked up by K-Pop music stars and their fans and quickly spread across Asia, and then internationally, with the growing popularity of K-Pop music and South Korean cinema.

Ohm invites you to add our snappy silver bead to your bracelet and always have a Love Snap at hand! Whether you love K-Pop music or just want to give yourself a much-deserved Love Snap, this trendy little bead will add snap, crackle, or a proper amount of pop to your Ohm collection! Or share the love and give our Love Snap bead as a gift to someone you adore!

As K-Pop AOA sings, “I’m good, I’m hot, I’m fresh, I’m fly!”

This beautiful glass is Kiss! It has little lips inside the glass, stunning!

A kiss — that gentle pressing of lips against a person or object — has many cultural connotations, including friendship, religious devotion, peace, respect, affection, or passion as in romantic love. The poet Johan Runeberg wrote that “the angels rejoice over the first kiss exchanged by lovers.” He added that a kiss of love “carries with it, even bestows, the gift of eternal youth”.

Kissing is described in the poetry of ancient Egypt, in the oldest Sanskrit scriptures, and in the Bible. Folktales tell of the power of a kiss to break a curse or spell. In the Middle Ages, knights would reconcile and treaties would be sealed with a kiss of peace.

But, perhaps, young Daphnis said it best (in the ancient Greek story) after he kissed the lovely Chloe: “…Her lips are softer than the rose, her mouth is sweet as honey, and her kiss inflicts on me more pain than a bee’s sting. My pulse is beating fast, my heart throbs, it is as if I were about to suffocate; yet, I want another kiss.” The Romans loved kissing too, and named several types of kisses: “osculum” (kissing the hand or cheek), “basium” (kissing on the lips with a closed mouth, usually among friends and family), and “suavium” (the passionate kiss of lovers).

Our OHM kiss bead captures those glorious emotions in glass with an explosion of sparkles like a starry night. The colors and nuances within the glass are as deep and subtle as love itself. When you wear our OHM KISS on your bracelet, may all evil spells be broken, all friendships sealed, and may the gift of youthful passion be yours.

And we have one Regional Release for OHM Australia Boomerang!

Boomerangs being thrown at animals appear in cave drawings in Australia that are 50,000 years old. Actual Aboriginal boomerangs dating back to 10,000 BC were found in a peat bog in South Australia. Boomerangs were also found in King Tut’s tomb in ancient Egypt, among hunters in India and among the Navajo in North America, and in the Capathian Mountains in Poland fashioned from mammoth tusk.

There are two kinds of boomerangs and it’s important to know the difference. The non-returning boomerang–called a “kylie” or “throwing stick”–is designed to travel in a straight line and is used mostly for hunting. The returning boomerang is designed to travel in an elliptical orbit and return to the point of origin. Returning boomerangs are mostly used for sport with popular contests judging maximum time aloft, accuracy of return, trick catch, and more.

The boomerang has become one of the national symbols for Australia and is still used by the indigenous Aborigines. A hunting boomerang is delicately balanced and much harder to make than a returning one. Boomerangs have been used for centuries to hunt birds, rabbits, even kangaroos. Boomerangs were also used as war clubs, as spades for digging, as friction for starting fires, and as musical instruments when struck together. Astronauts have even thrown boomerangs on the International Space station and discovered that they work in zero gravity!

Here’s our OHM salute to Australia with this ancient and versatile invention!

This is a lovely release, I love the Valentines Day beads, they are going to make a sweet bracelet! Well done OHM!

One thought on “OHM February release preview

  1. I love your review ❤️, and the Little Red Riding Hood is a great addition on OHMbeads collection. Tale’s lovers will really enjoy it! And bead lovers too of course!


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