OHM Little Red Riding Hood, Kiss & Love Snap

Today is OHM February release day and I want to take a closer look at some of the lovely beads that are released today!

First up is Little Red Riding Hood! Taken from the classic fairytale, she is holding a basket for grandma.

But on a closer look she is also wearing a wolfskin! You can see the wolf’s head resting on top of her head, his feet dragging behind her and his tail tucked underneath her feet!

This is an OHM Lab cooperation with Susy Gamarra. This story is a little different, Susy and OHM came up with a different ending where Little Red Riding Hood had a knife in her basket and skinned the wolf herself, girlpower! You can read the whole story on my February preview post. Maybe we should call her Little Red Wolfslayer!

Little Red Riding Hood is walking though the woods towards grandma’s house. A bangle with Buttercup, Poisoned Apple, Heart of the Woods, Bollywood, Little Red Riding Hood, Hollywood, Love Grows, Poisoned Apple and Buttercup.

Little Red Riding Hood and the content of her basket, a Burger, Cupcake, Pizza, Coffee to Go and Chocolate Bar. And the very handy Body Slicer! With Sunshine, Capitol Hill, Fire-ation, Sour and Forsythia glass.

For Valentines Day OHM made two cute beads, a glass called Kiss and a silver called Love Snap!

Kiss is a glass bead with a red base, silver speckles and red lips all around! Love Snap is a hand with the thumb and index finger making a love heart sign pioneered by South Korean actress Kim Hye-Soo. See my February preview post for the background stories and a picture of the many Kiss variations.

The greatest love story in OHM history must be Gnomeo and Juliet! Here they are together with Sour, Love Snap, Unicorny, Juliet, Kiss, Gnomeo, Strawberry, Melting Heart and Plant.

A sweet bangle with Peach, Flames, Lovely Hearts, Kiss, Lovely Hearts, Primrose and Melting Heart.

Some more love! With facet glass, Lovely Hearts, Play Doctor, Love Snap, Red Moscow, Live Long and Prosper, Pits & Pith, Lovely Hearts and facet glass.

I really love animals and Kiss matches so well with Paper Lantern! A bangle with Rooster, Fog, Cat in Love, Paper Lantern, Labrador Retriever, Kiss, Year of the Ram, Cast and Dog & Bone.

And because it’s Valentines Day I had to make a cheeky bracelet! With Fire Element, facet glass, Peach, Kiss, Lovely Hearts, Sour, Forbidden Fruit, Sour, Lovely Hearts, Play Doctor, Kamasutra, facet glass and Love Snap.

A lovely February release with a lot of possibilities! What is your favourite, I love Kiss so much!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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