OHM Cyborg

With the March release comes Cyborg, a exciting space/science fiction character! An OHM Lab edition in cooperation with Michele Courtney! Release date is March 5!

This is the OHM story that goes with Cyborg: A cyborg — short for “cybernetic organism”– is a being with both organic and mechanical body parts, often with restored or enhanced capabilities through its integration of technology with living matter. According to some, we humans are already becoming cyborgs with cardiac pacemakers, biomechanical limbs, and contact lenses.

Maybe it’s both. One half of our cyborg friend reveals an exposed brain pumped with fluids and jolts of electricity. Its jaw is operated by a mesh of gears. The other half of our cyborg is encased in a futuristic helmet fully wired with computer circuitry. This side of the jaw is moved with hydraulic pistons. A multi-lens camera peers from one eye socket.

There have been many famous cyborgs in literature and cinema from Robocop to Darth Vader, but our OHM CYBORG skull will animate your bracelet with enhanced creepiness and complete cool. Now that’s a glimpse into your future!

But what do you think it is? Alien, human? From the present or the future?

And what does Cyborg want? Is it friend or enemy?

I think you need to figure that out for yourself! I am very anxious and cautious!

Cyborgs are altered living beings! Worked on in alien factories their parts are forged out of metal and assembled by cybernetic robotic workers like Cybermen and Borg! A bangle with Get Hamered, Go Nuts, Fire Hole, Robot, Fireball, Cyborg, Fire-ation, Mended Heart, Robot, Dragons Breath , Screw Me and Screw You.

Astronargh is patroling the OHMverse to protect earth and if he encounters a Cyborg he will defent us all! A bangle with Agave, Stardust, Luminous, Cyborg, Natural Sight, Astronargh, Natural Sight, UFO, Luminous, Luna and Agave.

At this time I think I do not want to encounter a Cyborg, do you? I will scare the living daylights out of me! Chuncky bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and Dragon Skin, SH1T, OHMnique, Cyborg, Metal-ation, WTF? and Dragon Bone.

Cyborg can also be worn on the ball chain necklace.

As an altered being the DIY beads go great with Cyborg, so I made a necklace with the four DIY Get Hamered, Go Nuts, Screw You and Screw Me. And the glass Reflections, Luminous and Agave.

Cyborg fits right in with all the Space/SciFi beads! He is a great addition to the OHMverse and perhaps he will make some friends!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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