OHM Betty Buttons & Gouldian

Coming with the OHM release this thursday March 5 are Betty Buttons and the Australian Gouldian!

Betty Buttons is a result of another great Community Designed Project! Named by OHMily, designed by OHMily, made by OHM for OHMily. OHM + family = LOVE!

The theme of this project was vintage toys and a rag doll is as vintage as it gets! Betty Buttons is a true rag doll with button eyes, pig tails and a cute dress and bloomers! Stitched up patches and repairs complete the vintage feel of this doll!

Gouldian is based on the beautiful Australian bird with bright plumage in purple, green and yellow!

I had to make a bangle with my other stiched up beads and the fresh spring green is so lovely with Gouldian! C bangle with Love Hurts, facet glass, Holey Bunny, Foliage, Hug Me 2.0, Gouldian, Betty Buttons, Green Crack, Hug Me, facet glass and Love Hurts 2.0.

More vintage with the gramophone and telephone! A colourfull bangle with Buttercup, Birthday Cake, Land Line, Thanks A Lot, Betty Buttons, OHMnique, Gramophone, Confetti Upchuck and Buttercup.

Betty Buttons also reminds me of my childhood! Playing on a long hot summer’s day and ending up in the bathtub on saturday night! A bangle with Biplane, Australian Billabong, Sweectus, Lilac Gold, Love Grows, Billabong, Betty Buttons, Australian Rainbow Eucalyptus and Soak.

Here I combined Gouldian with some other sunny yellow and lush green glass on my doggie bangle. With Labrador Retriever, OHMnique, Non Violence, OHMnique, Year of the Dog, Gouldian, SHS Animal Rescue, Yellow Sunlight and Dog & Bone.

I love making rag dolls and teddybears myself! And they love the new beads too!

Betty Buttons and Gouldian are two gorgeous releases for March with fun, reminiscing, colourfull and fresh applications!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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