Made by OHM, inspired by amber

I have been collecting beads for nine years now. I started with Pandora and some Trollbeads. I bought my first OHM bead back in 2014! I want to show you how I got started with OHM, what inspired my first bracelet and how it evolved in all those years!

I am a huge Sci Fi fan and Cute Ufo shifted my attention to OHM in the summer of 2014. I fell in love with OHM when I got Love Hurts in the beginning of 2015!

Live Long and Prosper, Year of the Ram and Pacific Opal soon followed.

And in June the Bead of the Month got introduced! The very first one Cave In is a beautiful coffee coloured facet shaped glass bead!

A mixed brands bracelet with Pandora, Chamilia, Trollbeads and OHM.

With the purchase of Chocolate Bar and the second BOTM Latte it was time to create a new bracelet.

That summer we went on holiday to a small coastal town called Lild Strand in the north of Denmark.

I found these cute little amber bracelets in a small store at the beach, the perfect summer holiday souvenirs! And Black Sheep was waiting for when I came home!

So I made a start with my very first OHM bracelet after I found Turkey Platter and Same But Eaten. I had to add some Pandora to fill it up. Interesting colour combination because I wanted Pacific Opal on it too!

The amber bracelets gave me the colour scheme idea!I love making collages when I have ideas for a new bracelet. Mike@OHM kindly send me some real life pictures of combinations I was considering!

And when I got the OHMtoberfest Bar Barwl and Hipster Hops the first signs of an amber bracelet are visible! The two tiny pieces of amber in the picture I had found myself on the beach that summer!

And after buying Feel Bangin and Get In Shape from the Six Pack collection I had my first OHM bracelet (on a Pandora chain, sshhh!).

My idea really worked!

I got Bacon that matched so great with Latte and the cute Windmill and my OHM bracelet was ready to head to Seattle where I would meet Kit, Mike and Jenny for the first time!

We had a great afternoon!

The Going Dutch collection started with Skûtsjesilen and Ride Me!

OHM My God. From here on there will be lots of changes in silver beads.

2016: Kit’s traveling OHM Gnome came to hang out with me for a while.

Incremental Change joined the amber colours, I removed Bacon and Latte to add to my Food bracelet.

Bought two amber beads on another summer holiday in Vigsø Denmark. So happy with the perfect matching OHM glass!

Another bead that matches perfectly, Mulled Cider from the Holiday Drinks 2.0 collection!

2017: With a great mix of silver beads!

Fun summer stack!

The colours are gorgeous!

2018: The next addition is Black Coffee! Trying out some different layouts!

Check: still a perfect amber match!

Back in Lildstrand Denmark! Found some more cute amber beads.

The OHM glass also matches great with the Pandora rings.

I added a really dark brown Poisoned Apple, the second one from the right.

2019: I love Earth-ation from the Building Blocks collection, awesome!

Summer holiday in Lildstrand Denmark again, stack to match!

We had a great time and I hoped that I found some more amber, but it was a nice pebble!

Matching beads with my dog Zora.

And in 2020 the final change, I removed Poisoned Apple and added Coober Pedy.

I love how my first OHM bracelet grew over all those years and is now a fun creatures, critters and characters bracelet! It’s still my favourite bracelet because it’s a reminder of warm, relaxed, sunny, summer days at the beautiful Danish north coast! And I wear it often because I love the earthy, warm tones that are all different but match so lovely together!

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