OHM Earth collection

With the April release comes a gorgeous collection called Earth! This collection contains 11 beads, both silver and glass. Release date is April 1st!

These three glass beads are limited editions, only 333 beads are made.

The three beads above are not limited.

And to complete the Earth collection there are three more glass beads in the “berry” style Dustberry (left), Blueberry (middle) and Lime (right), the cute Mama Aqua and the long awaited Luna 2.0!

Luna 2.0 is a bit bigger than Luna. But the detail is very similar!

This bangle has all the Lunas, Crescent, Quarter and Gibbous together! Luna 2.0 on the left and Luna on the right. With Agave, Luminous and Natural Sight glass.

And with Astronargh.

With the two Lunas I made a bangle where the full moon rises over the city! The Panorama beads are XXX and Emerald City. The gorgeous midnight blue glass are Blueberry on the left, from the new Slim glass collection Hole (middle) and from Vacation Drinks Blue Lagoon (right). Both also released this April. This shows how beautifully the different collections match! The two black glass beads are Slim Rolled Over and Slim Key, also beeing released this April. On the ends are Mama Aqua and Mama Terra.

The three midnight blue glass beads side by side.

Mama Terra and Mama Aqua side by side. Mama Aqua holding the globe has long waving hair with sea shells and fish and a mermaid tail!

A sea bangle with Star Fish, Waterfall, Mama Aqua, Water-ation, Alaska King Crab, Waterfall and Striped Sailfish.

And a bangle with her sister Mama Terra! Mama Aqua with Water-ation, Stardust, Earth-ation and Mama Terra.

And to end with a feast I made a bracelet with all the Berry glass I have! From left to right Fogberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Dustberry, Blueberry, Lime, Blue Raspberry and Pinkberry! The last two are part of the Dessert collection also coming in April.

Wow, this is a beautiful collection with some of the most beloved beads relaunched again! I will review more of the April collection in blogposts to come.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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