OHM Big Fat Killer Bee

In two days OHM releases one of the biggest collections and my favourite by far is Big Fat Killer Bee! It’s such an intricate, detailed, clever, gorgeous and sweet bead! This is a production from OHM Lab in cooperation with Brook IN!

Big Fat Killer Bee is made of silver and his lower body is made of glass! I have never seen any bead like it, the use of the two materials together in this way makes for such a lifelike image!

Big Fat Killer Bee wears a helmet and holds a sword and shield, ready to go to battle!

Put Big Fat Killer Bee on your bracelet and he is there to protect you!

This stockphoto shows the different shades from yellow to orange that is used to make the body.

The bangle I made has ofcourse more honey and bee related beads. OHM made a cute Bee collection in the past. Here are Buttercup, two Hipster Hops, Thank You, two Hive Mind, Big Fat Killer Bee, Expand, Grow and Live Free.

Let’s defend ourselves! You can make your own army with OHM! A bangle with Rita Mortis, Dragon Skin, The Walrus, Dragon Bone, Big Fat Killer Bee, OHMnique, Metal Dude, Dragon Blood and Paper Bag.

But what I am the most surprised about is when you look at Big Fat Killer Bee from the back! Then it looks like a real bee!

The wings folded besides the body and even the head looks so natural and real!

Working hard to process that honey!

I made a full bracelet with flowers and leaves and butterflies and bees! This bracelet shows how great Big Fat Killer Bee fits in with the natural OHMverse!

From left to right: Buttercup, Leaflife, Heart of the Woods, Grow, Butterflies, Spring Refractions, Love Grows, Hive Mind, Big Fat Killer Bee, Live Free, Leaflife, Dragonfly, Wings of Protection, Expand, Spring Refractions, Buttercup, Hive Mind, Thank You, Tulips, Leaflife and Tulip.

Big Fat Killer Bee is both a character and a natural beeing! So you can choose how to incorporate him in your designs!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

2 thoughts on “OHM Big Fat Killer Bee

  1. The Ohm Big Fat Killer Bee is amazing! This is a MUST HAVE for my collection. The colors are brilliant and the details stunning. Thank you for showing creative examples of ways he can be worn and of course your wonderful photographs!

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