OHM Vacation Drinks, with an Ice Cube

April has seen a big OHM release and today I am looking at the Vacation Drinks collection! And what better than an Ice Cube to go with it!

There are four different colours in this Vacation Drinks collection and the Ice Cube is so cool! OHM provided recipes for all the drinks. You can find them in my April preview blog post.

Ice Cube is big and fat! It is an exclusive for OHM in Thailand! OHM had to experiment with the core, they never had to make such a long one! And it turned out so lifelike! The glass is very clear with rounded off edges and a sparkle that gives me the chills!

I made a bangle earlier with two of the Jellyfish glass beads Mauve Stinger and Immortal Blue, the Slim glass Cast and Rise and two facet glass beads called Ice on the C bangle.

And now the Vacation Drinks collection, here with Alice’s Painting the Roses Red.

First up from the Vacation Drinks is Blue Lagoon. The colour in the glass moves from darker on one side to a lighter shade on the other side and has bubbles!

I know I have shown you this before but this bangle is one of my favourites. I love how the glass of this April release can be combined together. The other dark blue glass is Blueberry and the Slim glass in the middle is Hole!

The next Vacation Drink is Mojito! Delicious fresh green with bubbles inside!

Green is a beautiful colour and I took out all the ones I have! This bracelet is about my childhood memories. On Saturday playing all day and going into the bathtub at the end of the day! On here are more glass beads from the April release. The glass are from left to right facet, Green Crack, Lime, Mojito, Foliage, Slim Mow, Pandan Jelly, Dustberry and facet.

And this is Cosmo. A gorgeous darker pink.

And again great to match with other April released glass! With Thinderstorms, Pinkberry and Candy Crush. And the hearts I ❤️ WA, Heart of Stone and Love Hurts.

And the last Vacation Drink is Mai Tai! A stunning orange fading from darker to lighter.

I combined Mai Tai with two glass beads from the Six Pack collection. Play Doctor and Feel Bangin. I made a bangle with some of my favourite animals Dog & Bone, Hugging Kitties, Cat in Love and Rooster.

A beautiful and full of colour collection to give that real summer vibe to every bracelet! With an Ice Cube on top!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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