OHM Dessert, a glass collection

Continuing with the huge OHM April release and glavalanche my next focus is on Dessert. A collection of eight glass beads based on popular candies and desserts! Yummm!

Multiple colours and different designs in this collection that also matches great with other OHM glass!

Starting with Pinkberry! I love the “Berry” design with the little dimples in the glass.

Matching great with Candy Crush and Cosmo from the Vacation Drinks collection. The old glass bead is Thunderstorms. The gorgeous centre heart is Painting The Roses Red. Finished off with I ❤️ WA, Jingle Locks, Woodstock Love and Love Hurts.

Blue Raspberry is a delightful light blue colour!

This fresh blue gives me ocean vibes! Let’s go to the beach with Mermaid, Wisp, Scuba, Blue Raspberry, Baby Argh, The Twelve Apostles, Mankini, Cast and Starfish.

This picture shows all the “Berry” glass beads that I have together! From left to right Fogberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Dustberry, Blueberry, Lime, Blue Raspberry and Pinkberry!

The first of the candy based and square glass beads is Sweet Treat, a dark purpely colour.

Sweet bangle with sweet characters! Woot Bear Phinneas, Plant, Betty Buttons, Sweet Treat, Little Red Riding Hood, Haze and Sweectus.

Sugar Dipped is also square and a delicious pale mellow yellow colour.

How sweet are you? A bangle with My Latte, Billabong, Cupcake, Sugar Dipped, Coffee To Go, Billabong and Chocate Bar

The last square glass is Candy Crush, a delicious warm red colour.

Having a crush on someone is so sweet! A bangle with Kissing first part, Living Red, Love Wirls, Candy Crush, Heart Of Stone, Passion Red and Kissing second part.

A bangle with all three square candies and Apple, Lucky Moves, Moving On and the only other square glass I have Capitol Hill.

Coconut Jelly is transparent with white flecks, very cooling.

And who doesn’t love some refreshing ice during a long hot summer! This bangle is with Ice, Love Hurts, OHMnique, Lovely Hearts, Ice Cube, Lovely Hearts, Coconut Jelly, Love Hurts and Ice.

Pandan Jelly is a lovely fresh green colour.

And what better then a Spring green bangle? With Tulip, Fresh Green, Woodstock Live, Leaf Life, Buttercup, Pandan Jelly, Tulips, Leaf Life, Woodstock Grow, Fresh Lime and Buttercup.

And the last one is Rose Jelly, a lovely delecate pink colour.

Easter is just over, but I couldn’t resist an Easter bangle with Plant, Moving On, Gouldian, Bunny Angel, Rose Jelly, Bunny Reaper, Gouldian, Lucky Moves and Haze.

This is the Dessert collection, a delicious, delightful, versatile and fun glass collection with numerous possibilities for endless stunning combinations! My sweet tooth is satisfied!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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