OHM Alice Saganistute, White Rabbit, Gallymoggers and Painting The Roses Red.

One of the most asked for and anticipated bead collections must be Alice!

The whole collection contains from left to right White Rabbit, Painting The Roses Red, Mad Hat, Saganistute, Eat Me, Gallymoggers, Drink Me, Mad Time and Who Are You.

If you want to create a big Alice universe OHM has made more beads in the past that will fit into the theme. Oysters With Shoes and The Walrus (top two on the right) are two beads inspired by a story taken directly from Alice in Wonderland that were released last year. See my previous blog post https://trudyscharmsnbeads.com/2019/06/25/ohm-the-walrus-oysters-with-shoes/

Other beads that will combine great with the Alice collection are Caterpillar, Pretty Teacup, Pretty Teapot, Shroom, Rose and Tea Bag.

I am taking a closer look at the gorgeous silver with red enamel Painting The Roses Red and the glass beads Gallymoggers, White Rabbit and Saganistute.

I have already shown you some combinations I made with the Alice collection beads on social media, but here they are again! This bangle is my Bloggers Bangle! I am a blogger, I write about the magic world of beads, bangles, bracelets and beadmail! So here are Meeting Notes (something to write on), Gallymoggers, Quill (something to write with), White Rabbit, Magic Sight (something to see beads with), Saganistute and Beadmail (something to send beads in)! This bangle was actually inspired by Harry Potter’s Rita Skeeter!

Another combination I also used in other blog posts is this gorgeous bangle with some glass from the Dessert collection also released in April! Here are I ❤️WA, Thunderstorms, Jingle Locks, Pinkberry, Painting The Roses Red, Cosmo, Woodstocks’s Love, Candy Crush and Love Hurts. I love this bangle so much!

The OHM April release was so huge, I have used this one in Woot Bear, but so cute I couldn’t leave it out! C bangle with Woot Bear, Plant, Lucky Moves, Saganistute, Love Wirls, Gallymoggers, Moving On, Haze and Year Of The Ram.

White Rabbit, a solid white glass bead with lots of sparkles, looks like freshly fallen snow, it sparkles like the moon shining on the snow and lighing up a dark winter night!

I made a bangle with Snowflake, Frost, Star, Cold Milk, You Melt Me, White Rabbit, Snow Angel, Coconut Jelly, Star, Snow and Sugar Sleigh Ride.

Painting The Roses Red is such a surpising design, a silver heart with the roses lightly dusted over with a touch of red enamel. A gorgeous detail to highlight the delecate flowers and gives the bead so much depth and interest!

Smashing red glass to go with the beautiful red roses! A bangle with Buttercup, Passion Red, Thank You, Painting The Roses Red, Fire Hole, Tulips, Living Red and Buttercup.

Saganistute is a delecate soft purple/lilac with lovely silvery sparkles on top!

And Gallymoggers has a base of soft light blue with white spots and a dusting of sparkles!

And to finish a bangle with all four Alice beads together on a bangle with Love Grows and two Love Hurts!

The Alice collection gives you loads of possibilities to recreate the Alice in Wonderland stories on your wrist or to paint your own stories using the inspiring silvers and sparkling glass beads!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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