OHM Ride Along & Slim

This fun bead called Ride Along from the OHM April release has written Spring all over, now is the time to be out and about, even in these hard times! And what better way to move around than on a scooter!

Ride Along has many cute lifelike details such as the headlight, the seat and even the tread on the tires!

Together with Ride Along OHM released Rolled Over in a Slim version! So perfect to match the tires of Ride Along!

OHM also made a limited edition set with a crash helmet, only 99 sets are made. Ride Along itself is not limited.

Five more beads were added to the Slim glass collection! From left to right Hole, Frost, Key, Turn and Haze. There is always room for a Slim glass bead on your bracelet!

My mailman delivers mail by scooter, so my beadmail usually travels by plane (or truck) and by scooter! So a bangle with OHMnique, Ride Me, Fall In The Lake, Beadmail, Birthday Cake, Biplane and The Next Blooms.

Ride Me is made for OHM Gnome! He loves to travel and with the very first Spring sunshine he was off to enjoy the blooming trees and awakening nature! C bangle with Buttercup, Spring Refractions, OHM Gnome, Leaf Life, Ride Me, Leaf Life, Tulips, Spring Refractions and Butterfly.

Because of the huge April release you already saw some of the new Slim glass beads on my earlier bracelet designs! Hole (in the middle) is a gorgeous midnight blue and goes so well with Blueberry and Blue Lagoon! Key (on the right) is a clear glass with black core and matches great with Slim Rolled Over (on the left)! Mama Aqua on the left and Luna 2.0, Panorama XXX with Blueberry and Emerald City with Blue Lagoon, Luna and on the far right Mama Terra.

Frost (on the left) is a clear glass with white spots and naturally it goes beautifully with the other white glass beads. From left to right Snowflake, Frost, Star, Cold Milk, You Melt Me, White Rabbit, Snow Angel, Coconut Jelly, Star, Snow and Sugar Sleigh Ride.

Haze (on the right) is a lilac with delecate gold flakes! It’s possibilities are endless, so gorgeous! A bangle with Woot Bear Phinneas, Plant, Betty Buttons, Sweet Treat, Little Red Riding Hood, Haze and Sweectus.

OHM Gnome rode to the beach to meet up with Mankini at his beach hut! The last Slim glass bead Turn is a lovely clear glass light blue bead with black dots and silver sparkles. C bangle with Ride Along, Turn, OHM Gnome, Blue Faspberry, The Office, The Twelve Apostles, Mankini, Wisp and Pirate Ship.

Ride Along is such a stunning bead that gives you a feeling of freedom and summer fun on your wrist! You can ride anywhere with Ride Along! And more Slim glass gives you yet more colours to choose from to add just that bit more diversity to your bracelet designs!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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