Superimpose by The Art Oblivion

Today is the release of the next glass bead design by The Art Oblivion: Superimpose!

Superimpose is a beautiful layered design with clear glass wrapped around a dark blue/purple core and blue circles carefully laid on top of each other on the outside of the glass.

This is the second TAO glass bead release and another wonderful uplifting story goes with Superimpose!

If we live in the here and now, each moment is a surprise, every instant a new wonder. But it often fails to work this way. Onto the present we superimpose our expectations and opinions, based on the past or future. 

– Piero Ferrucci

There is an art in laying an image or an idea over another to create something different and beautiful in its new complexity. 

There is a way in which one must understand each individual element on its own to be able to keep what is essential from being lost or misunderstood in its new form. 

I offer you SUPERIMPOSE as a talisman, reminder and invitation to stay present, to take all of the time necessary to understand individual elements as they are. Once we have gained this mastery, we can SUPERIMPOSE wisely to create something new that retains the essential elements of what has come before, and transform it into something more.

To the moon and back! This bangle is a universe on it’s own with all elements combined! Find inspiration wherever you go! A Trollbeads bangle with Superimposed, Trollbeads Big Earth, OHM Luna 2.0, two Truebeadz Amsterdam Midnight and two Pandora clips.

Sometimes it takes a lot of studying and reflecting to compose ideas into reality! This bracelet gives studying and searching for inspiration a boost! OHM Chunky bracelet with OHM WHO clasp, TAO Superimpose and the OHM beads Screw You, Magic Sight, Blueberry, Reason and Feeling, Blue Lagoon, Library, Hole and Get Hammered.

And to finish with a bang I made a bracelet with the two OHM monkeys Year of the Monkey and Monkey Business. Together they are work and relax. If that is in alignment I feel I can achieve anything! And that’s a big feast! I love the colourfull beads together, reflecting what The Art Oblivion stands for!

I used all the TAO beads In Flow, In Process, In Search, In Awe and Roar on this OHM bracelet combined with OHM glass Flames, Primrose, Luminous, Forsythia, Sunshine and the silver beads The Feast, Chocolate Bar and Cupcake. Stacked with a X-jewellery and an OHM leather bracelet and Pandora birthstone rings.

You can find them all right here:

And The Art Oblivion has a great offer! Only for today and tomorrow (August 1 and 2) a 20% discount on all TAO beads!

Superimpose is another beautiful TAO design with an inspirational tale to get the best out of you and your bracelet design!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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