OHM Campfire, Walk The Walk & Camping collection

It’s summer and very hot! Great to be outdoors and enjoy the countryside! OHM released a fun and happy collection called Camping!

A collection of silver and glass that tells the story of happy times of summer!

This is Campfire, an OHMistry project designed by Maya Uhryniuk. A limited edition signed my Maya, only 111 are made. Campfire comes in this beautiful box and a numbered certificate of authenticity and a corresponding code with Maya’s artwork! This limited edition is still availabe. A non limited bead is also part of the regular collection. Campfire has beautiful flames on a background reflecting the deep blue starry night sky!

This gorgeous mellow yellow glass is Camp Walden. This sunset feel has little light specs to reflect the sun!

Camp Takota is fresh light blue like a summer sky with beige specs of dust reflecting the sunlight!

Bar Non Ranch is the deep orange sunset in a glass bead with little pieces of campfire ash floating through!

Camp Firewood is the glowing red hot ambers of the campfire captured in glass for you to wear on your wrist!

Camp North Star is a night time splash in lilac with the moonlight reflecting across the water!

Lantern is the light you need in the dark after the sun has set! This bead is so much fun, you can wear it dangling from the bail, but also thread your bracelet through the bead itself!

This brilliant bead is OHM Ball, a mini version of the ball chain necklace. Now you can wear many beads as a dangle on your bracelet!

Monkey Fist is an intricate and symmetric rope knot used by sailors as a extra weight to throw ropes, it’s also a beautiful symbol of friendship!

Chill is such a surprising and different bead! Chill is a hammock that dangles and if you like you can put multiple beads between it’s ends! The possibilities are fun and endless!

Call Out is a cute little whisle so you can be heard! Out in the woods or playing a sports game it sends out messages as long as man can remember!

Rise Higher is a deep blue glass bead with a dash of white. Rise Higher can be a memento to be empowered by setbacks, or a mountain peak against a blue sky!

And here is Explore! This bead is very special to me, because I had a small part in the realisation! Explore is a Panorama design with a scene of camping out in the woods looking out on the mountains, seeing the sun set and the moon rise! This bead is also designed by Maya!

And to finish this fun range of beads I added Walk The Walk to this collection! Walk The Walk is a Thailand exclusive and comes in this fun shoebox! Perfect for long hikes!

I love wearing the beads on the Whip leather bracelet, the glass beads stay nice and tight in place on the leather. I made a video to show how.

I put Mankini on the OHM Ball and he is now enjoying the relaxing movements of Chill!

I made a bangle with three OHM gnomes hanging out in Chill together! This shows multiple beads can be put in between the ends of Chill.

Sitting around the campfire at the end of a fun filled day, the sun is starting to set and we pull out the guitar and sing songs! A bangle showing Lantern worn as a bead instead as a dangle! With Peace Guitar Set, Woodstock, two Fireball and Feel Bangin.

This bangle has the glass beads from the Camping collection together with the dangling beads. This shows how Monkey fist dangles from OHM Ball and cute Lantern dangling from it’s bail. With Moving On and Jingle Balls.

Gorgeous Camping glass!

And for Explore I have to take you back more than a year to a lovely spring day in Seattle. OHM organized a Beads & Coffee in the beautiful setting of Chihuly’s Garden & Glass at the foot of the Space Needle!

It was a day of meeting OHM friends, delicious food and drink and lots of beads! I made a blog post about that day: https://trudyscharmsnbeads.com/2019/04/01/ohmily-seattle-beads-coffee/

All attendees received the Panorama Emerald City bead with this CustOHM engraving as a memento! I added it to my OHM Gnome goes to Seattle bangle.

During the event Jenny asked everyone for one word. And she combined all our words into a story: the camping story! Then asked Maya for a design and she designed it right there!

So I added Explore to this bangle, it belongs there! On this bangle also the beads I bought at this event, the red square Capitol Hill and the orange/yellow bead. And with the glass bead Vacation, a glass bead gifted to me by a beadfriend, I ❤️ WA, Biplane, Jingle Balls, Lucky Moves and Moving On.

Capitol Hill Seattle.

This Camping collection has so many fun, surprising, innovative and coulourfull beads it’s not hard to make the most beautiful bangles, leathers and bracelets!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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