OHM Unicorn Poop

This Thursday September 3rd OHM is releasing Unicorn Poop, exclusive for OHM Europe!

Unicorn Poop is a bead with five colours red, yellow, green, light blue and purple, divided by small stripes of white.

The colours of Unicorn Poop are bright and cheery like the rainbow!

Unicorn Poop will be a perfect match with many OHM glass beads!

An explosion of fun and colour on my doggie bangle with Birthday Cake, Rainbowed and Confetti Upchuck! The silvers are Dog & Bone, Non Violence, Year of the Dog, Seattle Humane Society Paw Print and Labrador Retriever.

Combining Unicorn Poop with matching glass turned out awesome! I love the bright avalanche of colours on the Whip leather bracelet with OHM WHO lock! I made a child’s fairytale world bracelet to go with the Unicorn theme. From left to right: Unicorn Poop, Little Red Riding Hood, Fire Hole, Magic Frog, Lemon Drop Sorbet, Hug Me 2.0, Mojito, OHM Gnome, Blue Raspberry, Sweectus and Saganistute.

This little video shows the lovely flow of this fairytale bracelet!

A bracelet filled with rainbow love! The Slim collection offers a multiple of colours to choose from and match great with Unicorn Poop and Rainbowed! The Slim beads are Path, Koi, Sun, Lawn, Deep and Plant. The hearts are Reason & Feeling, Open Your Heart, Paint The Roses Red, Jingle Locks, Woodstock Love, Love Wirls, Love Grows, Heart Of Stone, Love Cage and I Love WA.

Unicorn Poop is such a happy cheerfull and bright glass bead! It brings out joy and happiness both in my heart and in my bracelets!

Unicorn Poop is available from September 3rd at European retailers.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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