OHM Oak Wood-ent

With the September release came this adorable little fellow called Oak Wood-ent.

OHM made Wood-ent some time ago and through the creative and fun of OHMkensteining beads in OHM Studio Oak Wood-ent was born!

Oak Wood-ent is a mythical creature of the forest with his treetrunk body, twigs arms, a beard drenched in wisdom and cute smile. He has little oak leaves as wings on his back.

Oak Wood-ent is the wisdom of the forest so I made a woody bangle. With Spring Refractions, Heart of the Woods, Leaf Life, Oak Wood-ent, Leafy, Love Grows and Spring Refractions.

A woodland theme is also beautiful on the brown Whip leather bracelet with OHM WHO clasp! Here I put Oak Wood-ent with Apple Moon (a one of a kind OHM Studio bead) to represent the Havest Moon of Autumn. With the wooden beads Bollywood and Hollywood and Foliage and Poisoned Apple.

This autumnal bracelet is filled with the colours of fall and beads of harvest from the land and garden! With Deadhead, Leafy, Oak Wood-ent, Feel Bangin’, Butterfly Apple, OHMnique, The Office, Foliage, Apple, Poisoned Apple, Pre Wine, Mai Tai, Trick or Treat, OHMnique and Who Dead.

Oak Wood-ent is a gorgeous and lovely woodland entity with the added oak wings. He feels like he knows all the tales of the forest and will share them just with you!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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