OHM Victoriargh, Chunky locks and bangle stopper

Happy OHM October release day! Today is the release of a huge collection of new OHM beads! I am taking a look at the Steampunk collection containing Victoriargh, a new lock for the Chunky bracelet called Prometheus-ity and a stopper for the bangle called Tesla Coil-ish. And OHM released two more locks for the Chunky bracelet Star-ity and Bare-ity.

Victoriargh is an OHM Lab production with OHM Laboratory assistant Hanh My Nguyen. This OHM Steampunk Octopus bead is inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” which featured the Steampunk submarine the Nautilis and several giant octopuses that Captain Nemo and his crew encountered.

Victoriargh is fully Steampunk with hydraulics, gears, wires, cathode tubes, and armor plating!

Victoriargh even has real moving gears!

Victoriargh is another addition to the OHM Argh family! Here is visiting his siblings on a beautiful day diving towards their natural habitat. A bangle with Cast, Baby Argh, Mauve Stinger, Victoriargh, Paper Lantern, Astronargh, Immortal Blue, Argh and Rise. And this bangle also shows the new stopper Tesla Coil-ish!

Tesla Coil-ish as a part of the Steampunk collection also has gears and wires!

I am so happy OHM finally made locks for the Chunky bracelet! This is Prometheus-ity from the Steampunk collection!

This Chunky lock is Star-ity.

And this Chunky lock is Bare-ity.

On the Chunky bracelet.

I made a Chunky Steampunk bracelet! With Prometheus-ity, Bark, Cyborg, Bacon, Star-ity, Victoriargh, Go Nuts, Wood-ation, Mended Heart, Fall, Time Machine, Bare-ity and OHM WHO clasp.

Victoriargh can be worn two ways, as a dangle and across the bracelet.

And on the ball chain necklace!

I am so happy with the new Chunky locks and the stopper!

And Victoriargh is a beautiful new member of the Argh family!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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