OHM Haloween collection

Autumn is in full swing here, rain, wind and lower temperatures! So Haloween is just around the corner! OHM released a fun collection for this holiday containing 15 beads! I am taking a closer look at some of them.

Nice looking bunch of characters!

Let’s start with Plague Doctor, an OHM Lab production with Laboratory Assistant Elizabeth Palmer! This bead is so appropriate for these strange times, it almost seems OHM has a look into the future! Plague Doctor was a doctor trying to cure patients with the plague, his beaked mask filled with herbs and spices to prevent catching it himself. Plague Doctor holds a bag and staff and carries herbs and a flask.

This glass is called Sticky Teeth, a dark caramel coloured striped glass. Delicious!

And here is Infected Dream, black with bright green stripes.

With these three beads I made a bangle, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! C bangle with Fresh Green, Woodstock’s Star, Infected Dream, bronze OHM Studio Plague Doctor, OHMnique, OHM Studio Apple, Pandan Jelly, Plague Doctor, Sticky Teeth, Star and Fresh Lime.

Medieval Bunny, a variation on the much loved Bunny Reaper is an OHM Studio creation that became so popular! He is now a bead in the regular collection!

What do bunnies eat? Tossed Aside is inspired by carrots, bright orange with faint small stripes!

This is Deep Fade, a dark glass with purple and ambers!

Do bunnies eat pumpkins? I think they do! This bangle I made with an OHMnique, Bunny Reaper, Deep Fade, Trick or Treat, Tossed Aside, Medieval Bunny and Sunset.

Ghost of Marley is another OHM Lab Project. Laboratory Assistants were Helena Zaitseva & Nadya Vezeleva. What would you do to keep the ghosts at bay? Ghost of Marley is holding a pumpkin and a skull, both made as dangles on the bead!

Flaked Off is a lovely green glass with bits of gold flake and a pale zig-zaggy stripe all around.

And Night Line is orange glass with gold flakes and a zig-zaggy purple-blue stripe.

I made a bangle with a skull and a pumpkin, combined with more gold flaked glass! C bangle with King, Cyborg, Flaked Off, Ghost of Marley, Night Line, Deadhead and Lila Gold.

Zohmbie Gnome is a hilarious OHM Gnome that is infected and now a zombie! Just in time for Haloween!

Gnombre is celebrating Dia de Muertos with his skull mask, mexican sombrero with gnome top and colourfull decorated jacket!

And this bead is Into The Night. A textured, bumpy black glass bead.

Inspired by Zohmbie Gnome and Day Of The Dead I made a bracelet including some OHM bodypart hearts! Chunky bracelet with OHM Who clasp and Bare-ity lock, very old OHM glass, Zohmbie Gnome, Slim Key, Reason & Feeling, Into The Night, Happy Grave, Rotten Heart dangling on the OHM Ball, Sky Guild, Love Cage, Rolled Over Slim, Gnombre, Dark Soul and Star-ity lock.

To complete the look at this gorgeous Haloween collection these are the additional beads in this collection.

And combining them all on a full bracelet with some stunning Haloween themed beads from previous years!

What a great, fun and surprising collection OHM has released for this holiday! The OHM Haloween collection has beads for every Haloween aspect, spooky and tasty!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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