Beadplay 2.0 with OHM Studio 2 Go

OHM has been entertaining us with OHM Studio, the OHM team Jenny, Mike, Kit and Ken tearing wax models of existing beads apart, creating completely new designs and putting them up for sale! I bought some of them!

And this autumn OHM has launched OHM Studio 2 Go! A complete kit to create or as OHM calls it OHMkensteining your own wax models! You can either just play with the wax or you can let OHM cast your creations into real silver beads! Check out for all the possibilities! Only available for the United States and Canada at this time!

I was invited to test it and I recieved my OHM Studio 2 Go kit a while ago.

Unpacking this feels like Christmas and my birthday into one! The kit contains two wax pens with an asortment of tips, a scalpel, magnifying glasses, play tray, band aid and burn gel and a load of wax supplies!

And here are the wax models, this was a box full of parts and bits to get started, play with and try out!

Sorting out what we have here!

And there is a little problem, American power plugs don’t go with Dutch sockets! So hubby came to the rescue!

Now I can get to work!

OHM recommend that you start with the project Connect The Dots to get a feel of the melting and flowing of the wax. I just used one wax pen set at a temperature of 150 degrees Centigrade.

As you know I am a Lunatic so I wanted to do something with the two Quarter Lunas I found in my box of wax. One whole and one cut up Quarter Luna.

I put the cut up one together and cut of the flat sides so I could join them together to make one whole Luna!

And here we have one whole Luna Egg! Not bad for a first attempt!

Luckily there were leaves and flowers, so I could stick them around to hide the seam.

And here is the end result, a Luna Flowers Moon! Very proud of my first OHMkenstein bead!

The OHM team liked my wax model and told me that Jenny is doing one on one training to boost your skills, so I singed up! Great to get tips and ask questions. We worked together on our own project and while working I learned a lot about temperature settings and finishing off a wax piece! And we had a lot of fun!

I had the front half of the Love Wounds skull. What to do with that? So I stuck the top of a Cupcake to his back. Found a piece of Beadmas Wreath (luckily just the bit with the bow) and stuck that on top. I spilled a dollop of wax on the front of his forehead and I tried to smooth it out, but that didn’t work.

So I had to stick a rose on his forehead to cover that up!

Here it is! My skull wearing what looks like a 50ties ladies bonnet! I call her Mrs. Skull!

Here a video to see Mrs. Skul all the way around!

Isn’t that absolutly perfect! I am so proud and happy with what I made! Get going and after a bit of playing around the confidence to put something together grows stronger and stronger! And I only burnt my finger once!

I hope to make more fun beads in the time to come! I know OHM is working hard to make this programme available worldwide!

Check out for all the details. And on Instagram and Facebook OHM Studio 2 Go you can see other OHMies and their OHMkenstein projects! And OHM has a YouTube channel with videos of the OHM team OHMkensteining wax so you can see how it’s done!

This is beadmaking the next level, creating your own OHM bead is out of this world!

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