OHM December release preview

The last release of this crazy year is now upon us and it’s a great one! Release day is November 25!

I love this funky Christmas bead, Noice! It’s an OHM Lab project and Lab Assistent is Rach Tapper!

This Surfing Santa is ready to hit the waves. Maybe you’re celebrating St. Nick’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere. A warm and sunny Christmas, NOICE! With a drink in hand, a floral shirt, and a board filled to the brim with swirling currents of ocean. Santa is going to have a good time. Perfect for celebrating the giving season all year long. Did someone say Christmas in July? Ever wonder what Santa does to unwind after a long year of making all those gifts in the tundra of the North Pole and then magically delivering them to every home on the planet in a single night? Whew! That’s enough to exhaust even the jolliest of elves! Of course, we know that Santa keeps up his strength while shooting up and down those chimneys by nibbling thousands of generous platters of cookies and milk; but that packs on extra poundage, and ol’ Saint Nick badly needs some vigorous exercise in a warm, tropical getaway.

At OHM, we have learned the secret of where Santa goes to work on his tan and rejuvenate his weary bod. Santa loves to hit the beaches in California, Hawaii, Australia, and even Tahiti to hang ten! That’s right, Santa’s a surfer dude! He can’t wait to trade in his heavy red-and-white fur for a pair of gnarly baggies and a loose shirt. Look! There he is now, firing on an epic wave, carving the barrel like a true dilla, flashing the “hang loose” sign while not spilling a drop of his Pina Colada! Too cool for school. This radical Santa is an all-right dude, and all the beach bunnies love him! If you’re feeling weary of the long, cold winter and the numbing routine that has you frozen inside, break free with our awesome OHM Surfing Santa on your bracelet and imagine yourself slip-sliding down a wave with the sun on your skin and the salty spray so refreshing on your face! Now, you are digging your toes into the warm sand as you relax on the beach and take another deep, satisfying sip from your favorite umbrella drink. Yes, our Surfing Santa truly knows how to “hang loose” and stay cool. Next year’s toys will have to wait a while. Cowabunga, dude! Or, as we say Downunder, “NOICE!”

I guess OHM wanted this Christmas to be a bit silly and they succeeded! Ski Bunny is a great company for Noice!

A SKI BUNNY is always very popular in the ski lodge socializing over hot chocolate, but is she truly a black diamond expert as the rumors have stated? Well, while she is unquestionably very cute–and oh so stylishly dressed in the latest chic apres-ski fashion, including those designer shades–our SKI BUNNY is more adept than her humble testimony might suggest. An Alpine expert, carving up those slopes, slaloming with dazzling grace and ease, and reaching maximum amplitude on the pipe! No bunny hills for this little speed racer! Show your own sense of style and adventure and gear up! OHM’s SKI BUNNY wants to team up with you on the double black diamond run! Just don’t eat the powder.

This cutie is Hot Mug!

We KNOW how much you love chocolate! Don’t you sometimes wish you could literally bathe in that warm, melty goodness, hugging a marshmallow to stay afloat? Especially after a long day of pressure, stress, and exhaustion? We understand exactly how you feel. So, close you eyes, relax, conjure a little holiday magic with our OHM Hot Tub, and immerse yourself in luxurious, silky indulgence! You sooooo deserve it!Soaking in a steamy, bubbly hot tub has been enjoyed by humans since ancient Japan (called “onsen”) and Roman baths (called “balnea”). After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Christian church discouraged bathing because nakedness might lead to other forbidden behavior. Monks were required to bathe only at Christmas and Easter. Fortunately, for the sake of good clean fun, hot tubs made a comeback, inspired by the Japanese onsen, and by 1940 they were increasingly popular in the USA. Our little gingerbread man also likes a good soak at Christmas time, and he is not shy about skinny dipping in his cookie bits. Being made of spicy, sugary goodness himself, our little dessert man enjoys dipping in steaming hot cocoa amidst the bobbing marshmallows and sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg. Deliciously decadent! Perhaps he can persuade his gingerbread lady to join him and turn this holiday relaxer into a frothy hot tub party! Of course hot chocolate and hot tubs are not just for the holidays! You can add our OHM Hot Tub mug to your bracelet–with its adorably contented gingerbread soaker any time of the year, when the craving for something sweet, something warm, something deliciously fun inspires you!

This gorgeous glass is Foggy!

Perhaps you’ve heard that classic George Gershwin song “A Foggy Day in London Town.” The lyrics start sad and lonely as the writer walks the misty early morning city streets alone, but then he says, “But the age of miracles hadn’t passed for, suddenly, I saw you there, and through the foggy London Town the sun was shining everywhere.”Yes, love can indeed dispel even the densest gloom and melancholy fog; but, we at OHM rather enjoy a foggy day! We created this lovely, misty glass bead and named it FOGGY in celebration of our favorite foggy moments: such as the curling fog that hangs low over the sea, sliced by the beam of a lighthouse and accompanied by the long, low moan of the foghorn warning. We love that! We love our early morning jogs through curtains of foggy mist, or fog clinging to the hills like a smoky blanket, or fog adding a ghostly, eerie pall to the night as if a shadowy specter in a long cape and top hat might emerge beneath a streetlamp. If you love the fog too, then this swirling cloudy bead is just for you. We don’t need love to dispel the fog; we see love like author Mehmet Murat Ildan, “When fog invades the plains, everything disappears; everything but fog. When love invades the mind, everything disappears but love.” Let our FOGGY bead add mood, mystery, and love to your bracelet, but be careful; the fog is an ethereal and elusive thing. You know the saying, “I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.”

SLIM HOLIDAY DRINKS are the slim versions of the Holiday Drinks collections released a few years ago!

Hot chocolate is a global favorite when it comes to warming winter drinks. The OHM CHOC charm is a soothing, velvety mix of brown and cream glass, the latter being so reminiscent of melted marshmallow or whipped cream. Serve with your favorite OHM Beads Christmas charms for a perfect winter bracelet.

One exception to the hot drink rule for winter has to be ice cold OHM MILK, enjoyed in front of a roaring fire with a cookie or two. Rumored to be the preferred midnight snack of Santa Claus himself, we couldn’t neglect it among our favorite winter drinks. The beauty of this bead lies in its simplicity; as white as the drink it represents.

Warmed mulled cider is deliciously satisfying and the perfect accompaniment to a night by the fire place. The OHM MULLED charm is a sumptuous honey colored bead, bringing warming colors to either a fall or Christmas charm bracelet.

The OHM NOG charm boasts a milky base with a veil of pumpkin colored speckles adorning the surface. It’s as close to the real thing as you’re likely to find without the calories and an essential component of your Christmas charm bracelet. Mix milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs and your favorite warming tipple to create the iconic festive drink that is eggnog. Finish with a sprinkling of cinnamon for a perfect festive aroma.

This is the second design in the OHM WOOT BEAR series with Steve. The first was PHINNEAS which is now available worldwide as a regular part of the OHM collection. The Woot Bear design was born in Steve Ferrera’s Berkeley art studio in 2016 for an art show at Woot Bear Gallery in San Francisco. The original bear was a 5-inch tall solid cast resin figure painted with acrylic paints. For the show, a dozen top toy designers were asked to customize the bear. The design continues to evolve and find new iterations, this time finding a home in the jewelry and bead world with OHM Beads in Seattle, Washington. The bead designs were created by OHM who incorporated some signature swirls found in their logo.

Designed by Emily Dunbar for Project OHMistry. Now part of the regular collection!

DON’T GIVE UP, you tell yourself. You feel it in your heart and soul. You are meant to succeed. It starts with those first few steps. But with all journeys, it is a struggle of faith and self-assurance. Fear finds its way to creep in. It twists your path, voices harsh judgment, creates doubt and pain. It tries to seize the victory that awaits you. At your darkest moment, when all feels lost, this bead reminds you to keep going. Push upwards, onwards! Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. Having faith will guide your journey, through the darkness. The clouds will open, the path will brighten and the further you go, the clearer your path becomes. You will find unexpected help. You will experience achievements, big and small. Before you know it, you will arrive at the end and the start of a new beginning. You will be victorious. Every fear, doubt, and painful memory will be conquered.

So this is the last OHM release of 2020, lovely and gorgoeus! Happy Holidays!

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