Moress Faunas Of The Fall Lili Tae

Moress Charms cooperated with the talented Thai artist Lili Tae to create a beautiful collection called Faunas Of The Fall.

I want to take a closer look at three of them: The Quadruplets, Ocean Begonia and Sunny Bunny.

The Quadruplets is a charm made up of lovely leaves stacked together. The artwork and story to accompany the charm are beautiful!

This inspired me to make this matching bangle.

The warm colours of the OHM glass and two tone Pandora charms reflects the autumn where the leaf fairies play with the last flowers of the summer.

Ocean Begonia is a cute sea creature decorated in Begonia leaves.

This is Ocean Begonia’s sea inspired bangle.

Ocean Begonia is swimming through the sea accompagnied by his Trollbeads fish friends. A bangle with Muano and Murano Italy glass and two blue stones.

Sunny Bunny is a beautifully detailed forest animal with floppy ears and a lovely coat.

Sunny Bunny’s story let me make this autumnal feeling bangle.

The warm colours of the autumnal sunset guides Sunny Bunny on his journey through the forest. Bangle with Pandora charms.

They all play so well together! Bangle with Trollbeads and OHM glass reflecting the feeling of the Fall!

For this collection Moress also made a delecate scarf decorated with Lili Tae’s beautiful artwork!

This beautiful Faunas Of The Fall collection is a delightful fairytale about mythical creatures enjoying the rich offers of Fall! Use code TRUDY25 to get a 25% discount on the Faunas Of The Fall collection! Check it out on

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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