OHM Chinese New Year collection

With the January release came a beautiful Chinese New Year collection containing five glass beads and five silver beads.

This picture by OHM shows the entire collection, I will be taking a closer look at some of them.

Starting with Year Of The Ox! OHM is releasing a Chinese zodiac animal annualy and they are so cute! Year Of The Ox is sitting in a meditative position, wearing his prayer beads.

Year Of The Ox is throwing a bovine party and is celebrating New Year with Get Your Nog On! A bangle with Cold Milk, Woodstock Star, Skyguild, Year Of The Ox, Spark Of Life. get Your Nog On, Nouveau, Star and an very old glass bead.

The first glass bead is Break Through! It’s a gorgeous red glass bead with purple lines and flakes of gold.

This is Breeze Past, a bright delicious red colur with a single line of bubbles captured in the glass!

Here is Charge Foreward! A gorgeous velvety deep red colour!

This is Make Change! The Slim version of Strawberry!

I made a bracelet with previous Chinese New Year zodiac animals, I love this menagerie! With Make Change, Year Of The Dog, King, Bottomless, Charge Foreward, Year Of The Cock, Break Through, Year Of The Ox, Night Line, Year Of The Rat, Breeze Past, Year Of The Monkey and King.

The last glass is Cross Lines, another square bead! Gorgeous bright red with delecate white lines running across the glass!

This gorgeous dangle is The Red Lanterns! There is a small glass bead encased in the bead and it hangs from a branch of Cherry blossom!

The last silver bead I am looking at is Exploding Bamboo! This is very old fireworks!

Chinese New Year celebrations start when the New Moon appears between 21 January and 20 February. This Year of the Ox that is on 12 February. So I made a bangle with Sweet Treat, The Red Lanterns, Capitol Hill, Luna 2.0, Candy Crush, Exploding Bamboo and Cross Lines.

I used the Lucky Red Whip leather bracelet to put all the Chinese New Year beads together with a gold and a silver Birdie, two July Spinners, a facet glass bead called Passion Red and two red Disco Balls.

What a beautiful, cheery and bright collection to celebrate a new year that hopefully will bring more joy, health and happiness!

Happy New Year OHMily!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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