OHM Rawr collection

OHM released more beads in the very popular Rawr collection!

I am taking a closer look at the glass and some of the silver beads released this January. Starring in this blogpost is my old science project about dinosaurs I made in primary school when I lived in Sandwich England.

The first glass bead is called Rodinia. A light, mat marbled coloured bead.

The next glass bead is Gondwana, a darker glass with small strings of glass wrapped around.

The third glass bead is Pangaea. A grey stone colour with small lines running through.

Another skull is added to this collection and it is a gorgeous Sabertooth Skull.

I made a Skull bracelet with the Rawr glass and Sabertooth Skull and Cyborg, Baby Megalodon and Teddy Scares Skull. On a Whip leather bracelet with OHM WHO clasp.

I am so in love with Ohmstalopithecus! A cute little figure, all hair, a big club and huge nose and feet!

Turns out it’s a distant ancestor of Tomte Gnome! Ohmstalopithecus comes in a blind bag because there is a boy and a girl, just like Tomte Gnome! Mine is a girl! I gave them the Time Machine so they can visit one another! A bracelet with Yellow Sunlight, Tomte Gnome, Hipster Hops, Time Machine, Sunset, Ohmstalopithecus and Mai Tai. On the Chunky bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and Prometheus-ity and Bare-ity locks.

New to the Rawr collection are actual dinosaurs! This is Sara P Poda PhD. A plant eating dinosaur like Brontosaurus.

Here is S T Egosaurus Md. Another plant eating dinosaur! I love how nice he flows around the bracelet!

A flying dinosaur called Terry P Dactyl Esq. I must say OHM was very creative with names in this collection!

They are in a beautiful green landscape with Luna 2.0 lighting up the gorgeous surroundings! A bangle with the three dinosaurs and Lime, Blue Lagoon, Blueberry and Mojito glass.

I made a full bracelet with the Rawr Dragon glass Dragon Bone, Dragon Skin and Dragon Blood and a OHMnique. And Luna 2.0, Baby Megalodon and Astrawroid.

A great addition to the Rawr collection and a lovely trip down memory lane to a forgotten childhood fascination! This really lit up my love of dinosaurs again!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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