OHM Mcctrish, Mccjordi & Mcctrudy

Happy release day! Today the OHM March beads are released and for me it’s a very special release! I had the honour to participate in the design of these beads through OHM lab!

Together with Patricia MccClure and Anja Sp we helped design three beautiful glass beads! During Beadmas 2019 Kit OHM had a daily chalange to come up with new bead ideas and encouraged to work together! Patricia came up with the plaid/tartan idea and Anja and I helped develop this further!

With Patricia’s scottish background and knowledge we picked the paterns that inspired the design for the beads. OHM made this into three very fun and contemporary glass designs!

The first concept was finished a year ago! We were so happy that the glass design would result in a set of three!

With every scottish tartan comes a motto and we picked them out together!

20% of the sales in the first three months of the three ohm lab designs will be donated in support of UNICEF Girl’s Education:https://www.unicef.ca/en/girls-education!

The yellow glass is Mcctrish and it’s motto Hold Fast!

“So let the world go, but hold fast to joy.” – May Sarton

Throughout history, salty sailors believed that a tattoo of eight letters on their knuckles that read “Hold Fast” would bring them good luck and improve their grip while pulling on the rigging during storms and rough weather. Sailors are a superstitious lot, and they had rituals, piercings, and tattoos to ward off many types of evil. “Hold Fast” represents the defense of one’s position securely in action, or to hold firmly to your beliefs and values, never wavering from your truth.

The Scottish tartan tradition uses yellow to symbolize crops, golden harvest, or home. Certainly, your home, and the hard work to feed your family there, is something precious to hold fast to.

In honor of this determination, OHM offers this luminous glass tartan bead from the clan McCTRISH. HOLD FAST! Perhaps, as you slide this gorgeous bead upon your bracelet, you’ll feel yourself running barefoot and forever young in a waving field of golden grain.

I made a bangle with harvest theme beads and complementary black and red glass to let Mcctrish really pop! With Broken Heart 2e, Apple, Key, Pre Wine, Mcctrish, Apple Moon, Sour, Peachy and Dark Shadows 2e.

The green glass is Mccjordi and it’s motto Freedom!

“Tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take OUR FREEDOM!” – Braveheart

As Scottish tartan designs began to take on more symbolism, the color green represented forests and prairies. An example includes the adoption of the color as the royal Hunting Stewart tartan.

OHM has embraced the green tartan with this lush green tartan glass bead from the clan McCJORDI. FREEDOM! As you slide this brilliantly beautiful bead onto your bracelet, perhaps you will hear the distant call of a hunting horn or the strident march of the bagpipes as your clan answers the call to arms. Freedom is a precious, thrilling, and fragile thing that must be guarded and cherished.

As Nelson Mandela said, “…to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

The bange I made is freedom for me! On a gorgeous summers day laying in my hammock in my luscious green garden is heaven! With Fresh Green, Mojito, Moving On, Mccjordi, Lucky Moves, Lime, Fresh Lime and the fantastic hammock bead called Chill!

And the third glass is Mcctrudy with motto Forget Not!

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.” -JFK

In Scottish tartan symbolism, the color red was regarded as a battle tartan. When Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Balmoral Castle in Scotland in 1848, they decorated it with the royal Stewart red.

It’s a vivid, rousing, and lusty color, and OHM leads the charge with this full-blooded red glass tartan bead from the clan McCTRUDY. FORGET NOT!

What are the things you cherish that you wish not to forget? As this richly radiant bead beckons on your bracelet, perhaps it calls to your mind the most important things in your life to “forget not”: the bloodline of family, the heart of true love, the lifeforce of your creativity, your passions, your purpose. Perhaps this bead is your talisman to touch and FORGET NOT.

Whether physical or spiritual, love is indeed a good thing to “forget not.”

Forget Not made me do a bangle that is so close to my heart. For my brother who died five years ago I made a firefighter inspired bangle to remember and honour him. Red is the colour of fire and love; my maiden name is also a derivative of the dutch word for red. With OhmMyGod, Sour, Lovely Hearts, Mcctrudy, Rebirth, Mcctrudy, Lovely Hearts, Sour and Firefighter Hat.

A stack with Mcctrudy, Luna Love and my New Year animals bracelet.

This bangle I made with all three glass beads shows our nationalities! We are from different countries, so this project is a worldwide collaboration! From left to right: Mcctrudy is Dutch with the Panorama bead XXX, Mccjordi is German with Truebeadz True Pint and Spiritbeads I Love Berlin and Mcctrish is Canadian with the Panorama bead Explore, it’s design based on the stunning Canadian forests and landscapes!

A Mcctrish picture! For you who don’t know what that is: take a wristshot that also shows your feet! Patricia invented the pose and it became a big hit on Instagram!

I am so very proud and happy with this release! From today they are available on Ohmbeads.com and OHM retailers around the world!


When you are a first time buyer at Ohmbeads.com use this code https://lootly.io/ref/loot5e09cc827a6a2 to receive a $ 10.00 discount!

Mcctrish pose with me wearing handknitted socks on my self made mozaik bathroom floor. Red Whip leather bracelet.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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