OHM Luna Love

One of my most favourite bead themes must be space! OHM has a nice collection of moon beads and this new Luna Love is a great addition to this collection!

Luna Love is an OHM Lab collaboration together with Luciana Siqueira and Hérida Ruyz!

This bead is the moon shaped like a heart. A bangle with two Mcctrudy glass beads.

I added Luna Love to this space bangle. With Astronargh and Gnomestronaut, Crescent Luna, Quarter Luna, Gibbous Luna, Luna 2.0 and the glass beads Agave, Reflections, Aqua Lux, Emerald Lux, Luminous and Agave.

I made a small bracelet for my new chocolate Labrador puppy called Lunah! With Labrador Retriever, Chocolate Ribbons, Luna Love, Hot Chocolate 2e and Chocolate Bar.

With Labrador Retriever inside Wings Of Protection 2.0, Seattle Humane Society Animal Rescue and Luna Love.

Luna Love on the Navy Blue Whip leather bracelet stacked with my space bracelet.

Luna Love is also awesome combined with other OHM hearts!

What a gorgoeus, fun and surprising Luna design that can be used in so many different themes! Love Luna Love!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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