OHM Park Collection

OHM released a fun and gorgeous collection called Park, perfect for the upcoming summer season! The Park collection contains a total of 14 items. Silver, glass, locks, a stopper and a clasp!

This picture by OHM shows the whole Park Collection.

First a look at the five glass beads.

This is Delecate Flower, a beautiful translucent light blue/green bead with flowers incorporated in the glass.

And this glass is called Speak Softly, a dark green glass with a stripey pattern on top.

Big Stick is a clear glass with blue/green wrapped around the core and stripes on top.

I already showed you this bracelet I made with this gorgeous glass in a earlier blogpost Memories In Sand & Paws Of Love.

My Pets bangle with Hugging Kitties, Slim Lime, Labrador Retriever, Big Stick, Paws Of Love, SHS Pet Tag, Delecate Flower, Memories In Sand, Speak Softly, Purrr, Natural Sight, Cat In Love, Slim Dustberry and Dog&Bone.

Work Hard is a burgundy/dark red colour with little gold flakes.

I made a bangle combining Work Hard with similar shades of glass Lake Hillier and Pinkberry. Together with two Love Hurts and Love Hurts 2.0 and 2.8.

The last glass bead is Keep Growing and is a solid green colour with black swirls.

This gorgeous green matches so well with Mccjordi Freedom and Slim Lawn! I made a butterfly bangle with Butterfly, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterflies and Woodstock Free.

The Park Collection also has these four fun characters!

This has to be my most favourite one, Emperor Penguin! Hilarious! A little penguin thinks he is Napoleon!

Emperor Penguin found his friends on this cool bangle with Ski Bunny, Blue Sol, Emperor Penguin, Winterfrost, You Melt Me, Blue Sol and Snowflake.

This cutie is called Panda Snack, a lovely Panda bear eating bamboo!

This is a wood themed bracelet with Heart Of The Woods, Bollywood, Panda Snack, Leafy, Exploding Bamboo, Hollywood and Oak Woodent. On the Skinny bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and Hive-ity and Hive-ers.

This fun guy is Barista Buddy and I discovered he is a guy! Lol!

The theme here is ofcourse coffee! A bangle with My Latte, Latte, Barista Buddy, Frappe, Coffee Collection, Caramel Latte and Coffee To Go.

And last but not least Hungry Hippo! He is wearing a chef’s hat and holding his cutlery ready to eat!

This delicious bracelet is made up with Burger, Watermelon, Hungry Hippo, Cheeseburger, Turkey Platter, Cheesy and Cupcake!

Adorable bunch that will give a lot of fun on your bracelet!

This new clasp is Dragonfly-y

You must have seen Dragonfly-y fly past a million times, it’s such a great addition to any bangle or bracelet or worn by itself ! Here I wear Dragonfly-y with the Chain bracelet stacked with Octopus-y on the Skinny bracelet.

And to finish the Park Collection there are some new locks and a stopper! Hive-ity on the left and Hive-ers on the right are the same design but note the holes are different. Hive-ity locks are made for the Chuncky bracelet, Hive-ers are for the Skinny bracelet and bangles and so is the Hive-ish stopper.

The Park Collection is a beautiful and fun release with so many fresh and diverse beads and accessories to complete any bracelet or bangle!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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