OHM Ice Tea Cube & April slim glass

With the big OHM April release comes new glass and I am taking a look at the biggest and smallest glass beads from this month’s release!

There is a new Thailand exclusive Ice Tea Cube!

One of the biggest glass beads OHM has made and a beautiful sibling to the original Ice Cube that was released last year!

Ofcourse I had to combine the two to make this whopper of a statement bangle! With Quartz, Cave In, Woodstock Expand and two Buttercup on a C bangle.

A leather stack; OHM Whip leather bracelet with Ice Tea Cube and Emperor Penguin stacked with an Oblivion leather bracelet with In Flow bead.

Ice Tea Cube can also be worn on the Ball Chain necklace. And who said you should wear it around your neck? I twisted the necklace around my wrist and hooked the end around the bead.

Three new Slim designs based on existing beads, first up is Slim Lime.

Second one is Slim Orange.

And third and last Slim Dustberry.

I love to combine the new Slim with the characters from the new Park Collection, also released this April: Panda Snack, Emperor Penguin, Hungy Hippo and Barista Buddy. On the Skinny bracelet with OHM WHO clasp.

Another bangle design, the colours of the new Slim glass are so fresh and perfect for Spring! I made a tulip bracelet with the original Dustberry and Lime, two OHMniques, two Tulips, two Feeling Knotty and two Lovely Hearts.

I made an earlier post about Memories In Sand & Paws Of Love and made this bangle where I used Slim Lime and Slim Dustberry!

To show the difference in sizes I placed the Slim and Ice Tea Cube beside a regular OHM glass bead. Ice Tea Cube is such a rock!

The new glass in this April release are so fresh and different! Not difficult to find a nice spot for them on your wrist!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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