OHM August release preview

And now it’s time for the big OHM August release! And it’s a funfilled and beautiful one! Release date is August 5 until otherwise noted! Happy OHM preview day!


Candy Cloud

Who doesn’t love some classic cotton candy? The excitement of watching the vendor spin the sugar onto a paper cone, hypnotized by the cloud of pink, slowly growing as the machine spun rapidly. It’s a wondrous treat enjoyed for more than 100 years by people, young and old alike, around the world. As years passed, the techniques for eating cotton candy, some modernized methods like stuffing it with ice cream and eating it like a burrito, and melting cotton candy into a soda for a pop of flavour. A simple but fun treat must be enjoyed with others!

Clowing Around

The circus is a gathering of smiles and laughter, a place where standing out is key, and the sole objective is to bring joy to all. Clowns are an essential building block of the circus with their colorful shell and painted skin. Deep inside their soul, you will find that which makes them such joyous individuals. Although we may fail to know who is behind the mask, their smile is enough to gain our trust. So, OHMies, keep clowning around! Spread the joy!

Design by Mai -Yunacunn

Puff A Heart

Blowing a balloon feels like giving life to a party, or any occasion for that matter. Adding a pop of color to any gloomy room can be filled with helium for a more fun experience. Watching the wind blow through them and making them sway always makes people smile. There are Balloons for almost every occasion, making them a go-to gift that is cheap and easy to find! Spread the love!

Design by Mai -Yunacunn-

Puff A Puff

Blowing a balloon feels like giving life to a party, or any occasion for that matter. Adding a pop of color to any gloomy room can be filled with helium for a more fun experience. Watching the wind blow through them and making them sway always makes people smile. There are Balloons for almost every occasion, making them a go-to gift that is cheap and easy to find! Spread the happiness!

Design by Mai -Yunacunn-

Puff A Star

Blowing a balloon feels like giving life to a party, or any occasion for that matter. Adding a pop of color to any gloomy room can be filled with helium for a more fun experience. Watching the wind blow through them and making them sway always makes people smile. There are Balloons for almost every occasion, making them a go-to gift that is cheap and easy to find! Spread the wonder!

Design by Mai -Yunacunn-

This one is called Sweet Spectrum (not Candy Cloud)

What do you get when you melt the sugar and add flavours to it? Candy, of course! Mount that on a stick, and you get a lollipop, a vibrant rainbow of flavours that lasts for hours on end. Lollipops were a soothing treat from the moment they were invented, from being a remedy for sore throats of the nobility to being a kids’ favourite treat nowadays, they come in many shapes and sizes, patterns and colors, they are like eating the rainbow straight out of the sky.


Boxed Emotion

Some the size of a suitcase, before the iPod, the MP3, or even the Walkman, there was the BOOMBOX. The whole neighborhood wants to know your feelings! Let it out! The boombox of the 1970s was the first device to combine the big, full-volume sound of a home stereo with a portable battery-operated radio/cassette player. But the best, most popular feature of the boombox was that thunderous, bone-rattling bass. The desire for more leads to more.

In the 1980s, the boombox surged in popularity. The dual cassette feature of the box also allowed youth to create their own music “mixtapes” for parties, personal fun, or as sentimental gifts.

The rectangular, chrome aesthetic of the ‘80’s boombox shifted to smaller, curvier black plastic in the 1990s. Compact Disc players were added as technology changed, but eventually, the boombox gave way to the MP3 player and digital music.

But the good old rectangular boombox is a potent symbol of the 1980s. It has a renewed adoration as a retro-cool status symbol for a new generation and fans of 80’s nostalgia and hip-hop.

You, too, can add our OHM boombox bead to your bracelet and feel the tingle of that famous bass rumble to your tapping toes. Whether you’re humming a Madonna tune, the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, or Los Lobos, we’ve got a mixtape made just for you!

Distant Waves

Listen with your soul to feel the distant waves from sounds past. They are all around us.

From the 1920s through the 1950s, radio was the dominant electronic home entertainment medium, and American families would gather every evening around their large, elegantly fashioned radios to enjoy their favorite programs. Radio dramas, comedies, quiz shows, talent shows, mysteries, play-by-play sports, musical variety shows, westerns, even Orson Welles terrifying Halloween adaptation of “The War of the Worlds” all encompassed what is now called the Golden Age of Radio.

Afternoon adventure shows urged kids to send in their cereal boxtops for prizes, toys, badges, and decoder rings. Eventually, television superseded this era of radio dominance, but some say the stories were much more vivid with only sound effects and your imagination.

Happily, a new “hip” generation that reveres vintage is resurrecting the classic look of retro radio technology, if not the actual programming. From consoles to tabletops, everything old is new again.

Stately columns on either side of the cabinet create a distinctive Gothic arch design. OHM celebrates this timeless Golden Age with a gorgeous vintage radio bead based on the cathedral-style radio of the 1930s. Many radios of that decade were elaborate furniture-size, floor-standing consoles. The tabletop practicality and elegant beauty of a Philco Model 90 made it an immediate best-seller.

This vintage radio will add elegance and cool to your bracelet. Listen closely, and you might even hear the dulcet crooning of Sinatra, a joke from Jack Benny, or the throaty “Hi-yo, Silver!” of the Lone Ranger. Hang onto your boxtops! After all, everything still lingers out there on the airwaves waiting to be received.

Move Around

We’ve always been on the move. Make it as easy for yourself as possible to get out and about. The compact cassette was developed in 1963, making it possible to listen to music on portable devices, but the machines were cumbersome. Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka used Sony’s bulky TC-D5 cassette recorder to listen to music while traveling, and he wanted something better. He asked employee Norio Ohga to design a playback-only stereo version optimized for headphone use. The first Walkman went on sale in Japan in 1979.

Throughout the 1980s, sales of the Walkman skyrocketed worldwide and had a significant influence on popular culture. Millions of plugged-in people used the Walkman to exercise, coinciding with the ’80’s aerobics craze.

The Walkman changed people’s relationship to music and technology as users could now listen solitarily to their own choices rather than through a radio or a boombox. The Walkman’s portability (it fit in bags and pockets) and total privacy (a headphone jack but no speakers) is credited as the precursor to the “personal” tech of today, like your phone.

Eventually, the Walkman changed with the times from cassette tapes to compact discs and ultimately surrendered to rival Apple’s iPod. Still, a new “hip” generation has rediscovered the retro-cool of 1980’s tech and given the iconic Walkman new life, new twists, and a clever new attitude.

OHM joins this revolution with our own stylish, maximum cool, vintage 1980s cassette player. This brilliant bead hangs by the headphones on your bracelet and dances with you through your aerobics workout “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.” Like the ubiquitous Walkman of the past, this bead will quickly go with you everywhere: walking, jogging, commuting, cycling, even rollerblading! You might be tempted to snap in your favorite mix. MOVE AROUND, you can’t beat it!

Personal Bubble

Go under headphones to enter a world all your own. The first headphones were developed in the 1880s for telephone operators to keep their hands free. These early models rested on the shoulder, had no padding, and used bare electrical connections, which meant that users could receive a shock while adjusting their headset. In 1958, jazz musician and audiophile John C. Koss produced the first stereo headphones (Koss SP-3), and suddenly, millions of Baby Boomer youth could slap on their “cans” and crank up their jams without driving their parents out of the house. As the high fidelity of turntables and long-playing records made significant advances in the 1970s, headphones too became prized for their quality of sound reproduction.

Of course, headphones today come in a variety of styles and categories. In 2008, Dr. Dre created Beats headphones with deeper bass and hip-hop in mind.

Despite Steve Jobs and the hi-tech development of iPod earbuds, many music lovers, especially the “hipster” generation of retro-cool revival, still prefer that ear-encompassing joy of Old School circum-aural headphones. We dig ’em, too, so we made a pair especially for OHMies!

The OHM headphones bead rests comfortably on your bracelet as if your favorite LP was coursing through your jewelry and vibrating through your body and soul. Perhaps our OHM headphones will also help you tune out life’s annoying distractions and zone you serenely into an oasis of peace and music. Pretty nice set of cans, eh?


Maze Of Life

OHMlab assistants are @chenggggs_collection (Myra Cheng Moon), @niyumes_collection (Nicole Cheng Moon), and @natasha_c.m (Natasha Cheng Moon)

Learning about M.C. Escher when Auntie brought out a plastic map with a hand drawing another hand. A circle of which was drawing which?”

Have you seen the mind-bending, reality-twisting, perspective-skewing drawings and woodcuts of Escher?

Some of his most famous works include the pair of hands drawing each other, an endless waterfall that appears to flow uphill, or reptiles that crawl out of the page and then back into a drawing again.

One famous Escher creation, Relativity, shows human figures ascending and descending stairs at impossible angles to one another, throwing the viewer’s equilibrium into utter chaos and confusing all sense of right-side-up and upside down.

Escher himself had a hard time find his how way in life. He wasn’t the best student, eventually leaving school. Wandering many different paths, never finding fulfillment. It was still difficult for him to earn enough selling lithographs to provide for a family as a graphic artist.

This Escher art was itself inspired by the four-cornered, continuously ascending Penrose Steps, created by father and son Lionel and Roger Penrose. Movie director Christopher Nolan loved the Penrose Steps so much that he used the concept in his mind-bending film, Inception.

Illusions of perception, and all things mind-warping, accordingly created an homage to Relativity MAZE OF LIFE.

Our journey through life is often a labyrinth of choices and potential directions. Choosing this passage or that staircase may lead you to an unexpected turn, down instead of up, around another corner, and into a room full of more doors, hallways, and staircases that offer more unknown options. Sometimes you’re just climbing in circles.

Everyone has their path. Some include shortcuts, while others travel the long way around. There might be a bench for a rest or a bit of mud to get stuck in. Don’t look to another’s path to find answers to your questions. Focus on your own. Focus on what is in front of you, be patient, step forward, and eventually, you will arrive.

M.C. Escher was age 70 before a retrospective exhibition of his work was held and fully appreciated. Sometimes we, too, can’t see the realization of our journey until we have traveled through the maze long enough to understand the patterns and illusions that play with our perspective and attempt to confuse us. Crawling, running, resting, relaxing, sitting, climbing, le the MAZE OF LIFE on your bracelet reminded you daily: if it’s all an illusion, enjoy the show.




Are you bored? Then it’s time you go BOARDING! Hop your favorite skateboard aboard, and let’s ride!

We named this silver surfer BOARDING cuz you’re never bored at OHM skating through life by your wrists and bracelets!

Skaters sometimes misrepresented as careless, dangerous, rebellious punks — more than those who ride bicycles, scooters, or rollerblades — develop strong core values within skateboard culture. Principles of creativity, challenge, self-expression, camaraderie, and the relentless drive to master new goals.

There are no referees, no penalties, no set plays, no expensive equipment, just the cool authenticity of you and your passion for learning and mastering another move.

Remember when Marty McFly rode a skateboard in “Back to the Future”? With our OHM BOARDING bead, you can travel time to be a schoolkid again, backpack in hand, gliding on your favorite board to (boarding?) school.

Originally called “Sidewalk Surfing,” the skateboard emerged in southern California in the late 1950s as a way for surfers to practice their sport on dry land. Barefoot skaters rode small wooden boards with metal roller skate wheels. Smoothly paved schoolyard banks served as asphalt waves on which to carve surfing maneuvers. In 1972, the urethane wheel was invented, which revolutionized the smoothness of the ride.

There are two primary types of skateboarding: vertical skating and street skating. The Z-Boys of Santa Monica discovered that they could skate up the walls of an empty swimming pool, and “vert” skating was born. This style has flourished since on-ramps and the steep swooping slopes of skateparks.

On the other hand (or foot), street skating involves gravity-defying flips, tricks, spins, “ollies,” and even dancing on the flat surface of the street or sidewalk, often to rhythms of rap reggae and rock music.

OHM is stoked to offer this gnarly triptych of sick skateboards: (1) a dove-tailed Surfskate or Carve skateboard with a peace sign on the underside its deck, (2) a Longboard with woodgrain for bombing a hill or laid-back long-distance rides, and (3) and the versatile classic Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboard with our OHM logo for tricks, grinding, shredding curves, and getting airborne (and it fits neatly in your backpack).

You’ll never be bored.

Got Your Back

Whether you call it a knapsack, a rucksack, or a backpack, this simple cloth bag carried on your back with two straps over your shoulders is primo equipment for hikers and schoolkids alike. It wasn’t always that way, especially for students. Your grandparents carried their school books with a single strap or belt around them. Then came the satchel (a miniature briefcase). Everything changed in 1967 when the first lightweight nylon daypack arrived.

College students at the University of Washington began using these daypacks — a lighter version of the heavy-duty camping backpack — for carrying their school supplies. The campus sporting goods store began to create packs specifically tailored to student use. The trend spread quickly nationwide, and by the 1980s, student backpacks were necessary school equipment. Today, backpacks are a fashion statement or a fun expression of personal identity. They have also evolved to incorporate laptops, smartphones, and built-in tech.

OHM celebrates the school days and the joys of healthful outdoor activity with our multi-purpose backpack. Our little ohm-pack on your bracelet is designed to evoke the best of school memories but also to trek you to your favorite forest clearing with a picnic lunch and a bottle of cool water. A backpack is symbolic of what you choose to carry through life, for what is essential to your journey, the memories you keep, and the burdens you patiently bear. Who’s GOT YOUR BACK? You do.

Whooo Has Class?

The owl is the symbol for Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy. The owl is also the symbol of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, music, medicine, and commerce. An 1875 nursery rhyme:
“There was an owl lived in an oak
The more he heard, the less he spoke.
The less he spoke, the more he heard.
O if men were all like that wise bird.”

Until the middle of the 20th century, all teachers, professors, and even many college students wore mortarboard caps and academic gowns. Even today, the graduation cap and the wise old owl are recognizable icons of education, higher learning, knowledge and wisdom, and the honorable profession of teaching.

As part of our tribute to better-trained brains, OHM offers this learned don of the feathered faculty resplendent in spectacles, bowtie, and tasseled cap, dutifully ringing their Old School hand-bell starting another sagacious class lecture. They may be adorable, but this wise little professor on your bracelet is a reminder of the teachers and lessons that guided your path and your role in leading others. O, if we were all more like that wise bird!



The OHM BAR is a multi-purpose item. It can be used as a “-y” clasp to extend a Chunky/Skinny bracelet as it is approximately 3 cm long. Use it in drop necklace stylings or connecting items together.

Most beads will fit over one narrow end. One end of the bar is wide and will catch on most beads. Experiment, follow the community online @ohmbeads, or #ohmily to see how others are wearing OHM BAR.


Elara The Kittycorn

Designed by Yasmin Marie yasminmarie_jewellerygeek. Release date is August 12!

Elara the Kittycorn represents luck, fortune, and success. Fittingly named after the eighth moon of Jupiter, Elara embodies happy nostalgic memories from childhood, including inviting people into a fun fantasy world. We believe it is essential to embrace your inner child and have a bit of fun — no matter your age. Although seriousness may be needed, there is a balance to be had. Find the place where your imaginations can flow free.

Elara is Yasmin’s positive message to you shared through art. Yasmin Marie is a UK-based designer who started in the jewelry industry in 2013 as a sales assistant in her local jewelers. Her passion for design has grown stronger over time, inspiring the creation of her jewelry collection @yasminmarie_jewellerygeek. Always a cat lover, Yasmin is a cat mum of 2 baby kittens, Spot & Loki. She loves designing fantasy-themed jewelry and is passionate about the quality of her designs from start to finish.

This limited-edition release of ELARA THE KITTYCORN is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included with the special packaging designed by Yasmin Marie.

Imperfect Angel

Designed by Angie Dailycharmedaddict. Release date August 19!

Angels are made of pure love, light, and spirit. While most often depicted as beautiful and flawless, the reality is no one is perfect, not even angels. IMPERFECT ANGEL is a bead to remind us ordinary mortals that sometimes good enough is good enough. In an environment of often digitally created impossible perfection, it is easy to let feelings of self-doubt and insecurity ebb in while confidence and self-esteem flow away.

Try to remember that what we see is not always Truth, and we can each be a bright light, a guardian, and a positive force in life. Embrace and celebrate the unique being you are and share in the good, real, imperfect spirit of OHM’s IMPERFECT ANGEL by Angie.

Angie, @dailycharmaddict on Instagram, lives and loves in Ontario, Canada.

“I took every art class available in high school and completed the yearbook’s ‘Ambition’ prompt with ‘rich artist.’ Despite acceptance to university for Art History, becoming an actual artist never materialized; a different path was chosen, but I still love being creative. Seeing the beauty in life since childhood, I have always been compelled to capture it, whether in pen and ink, paint, coloured pencils, fabric, or film. Now, being able to express my feelings regarding goodness, love, and spirit in this beautiful silver bead, I have a glorious new medium allowing that inner artist to finally emerge!”

This limited-edition release of IMPERFECT ANGEL is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included with the special packaging designed by Angie @dailycharmaddict.


Designed by Sara Gargiulo & Michele Cavalieri d’Oro. Release date August 26!

From the dark depths of your soul, OCTOHUG protects the gem of your spirit.

The octopus represents our dark subconscious which protects (containing) the brightness of our spirit. In each of us, there is a side of light and a side of darkness. As they fight to equal each other, they create the balance of our existence. Every day of our life is a challenge, a compromise between our animal instinct and our spiritual reason. We both trap and protect ourselves at the same time in a hug that tightens the mortal vice.

Design by Sara Gargiulo in collaboration with Michele Cavalieri d’Oro.

Both reside in Rome, Italy; Sara has been a passionate jewelry enthusiast since childhood. “I think when we wear something beautiful, we show ourselves in another light to the world. With beads, I have found the right balance to express my imagination, creating a new story every day. I love art in all its forms, and I see the poetry of things in every moment of my existence.”

Instagram: catnoir9
Facebook Group: La Dolce Vita

Michele is a 360-degree artist! He has drawn on every surface to develop an innate instinct for capturing images and creating new ones. The comic artist graduated: Architecture, illustrator. A hurricane of lines and color.

Instagram: mke.cava.oro.art

This limited-edition release of OCTOHUG is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included with the special packaging designed by Sara and Michele.

Wow, what a stunning release OHM gave us for August! My wishlist is of the charts! I am sure there is something for everyone here!

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