OHM Fun Zone collection

Today we celebrate OHM’s 13th anniversary and I am taking a look at the recently released Fun Zone collection designed by Mai aka Yunacunn! Check out her Instagram account to see her beautiful and stunning artwork!

The Fun Zone collection containes four silver and two glass beads.

The Fun Zone beads come in a colourfull box with artwork by Mai!

And a booklet with all the beads from the collection.

Starting with Clowning Around. A clowns hat with three bended points with dangling balls! This bead was first released as a limited edition of 111 pieces back in October 2019.

The bead came with a certificate of authenticity with a serial number and a code that was engraved in the bead. This bead sold out quickly and now Clowning Around is part of OHM’s regular collection.

This gorgeous glass is called Sweet Spectrum! Swirly rainbow colours wrapping around the core!

I joined them on the red Whip leather bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and two OHMniques.

I love the fun balloons in this collection! They all have a little dangling chain as a cord! First up is Puff A Star!

And this is Puff A Heart!

The third balloon is Puff A Puff!

And the last bead is a delicious glass in soft pink/lilac colours called Candy Cloud!

Looking light and airy together on this bangle with Dreamscape, Purple Haze and Fairy Wren.

Sweet Spectrum and Candy Cloud on the new OHM Bar clasp and Chain bracelet.

Yunacunn hosted a giveaway for OHM in August (happening right now) a few days ago asking to show your favourite colour and I made this bangle! With Lemon Drop Sorbet, Mcctrish Hold Fast and Slim Sun.

To celebrate OHM’s anniversary I made this celebratory bracelet! I looked at OHM’s festive calendar and selected some of their holidays to highlight on this bracelet! The colours remind me of festive bunting, garlands and party balloons!

On July 17 we have World Emoji Day and OHM made this holiday into Beadmail #4!

Noice is Santa OHM style on a surfboard! I love the celebration of Christmas with Beadmas every year from 1 until 12 December!

The diving octopus Argh was released as Bead Of The Month September 2015 to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19!

S T Egosaurus Md is ofcourse for Draw A Dinosaur Day every year on January 30 and it’s a lot of fun seeing all the creativity of OHMily! It seems I always draw a Stegosaurus!

Oh and who can resist Moon Me and OHMGnome Fest? I sure cannot! Around mid June we have a big and veeery long day of fun, games and giveaways from all around the world!

And I would like to finish the OHM holidays with one of my and I think everyone’s favourite: Free Shipping Day! And that is today too!! That also can be the Black Friday Sale or any Flash Sale or discount imaginable! Any excuse to go overboard on beads and receive those exciting beadmail packages, right!

For me this bracelet also celebrates the release back in March of the beads I was so very fortunate to participate in designing! Together with The Mcctrish and Jordbaer76 we helped design the Tartan beads Mcctrish Hold Fast (yellow), Mccjordi Freedom (green) and Mcctrudy Forget Not. (red). The Slim glass Sun, Deep, Koi, Lawn and Path and a black&blue OHMnique complete this celebration bananas!

Fun Zone is a delightful and happy release and can be used for all your bracelet celebration designs!

And I want to say happy anniversary to OHM and the whole OHMily community, cheers! 😘 Thank you for clowning around the charms n’ beads universe for 13 years now! And I am so gratefull that I can be a tiny bitty part of that!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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