OHM Back To School collection

Summer is drawing to a close and a lot of children are already back in school! I can remember the excitement for the new school year, going to the store to get fresh supplies like pencils, erasers, notebooks and a new journal. OHM made a fun little collection just for this occasion!

Consisting of three silver beads they are all very versatile!

This fun backpack is called Got Your Back! It’s very detailed, stuffed full ready to start a new school year! Got Your Back comes in this fun detailed box!

I always use a backpack when I travel! Summer is not over yet so I took Got Your Back camping! I made a bangle with Bar Non Ranch, Let’s Go Camping, Campfire, Walk The Walk, Camp Takota, Got Your Back and Camp Walden.

This cute little owl is called Whooo Has Class? This wise owl is wearing a baret and holding a school bel!

You can see owls flying just as the daylight is fading into beautiful colours! Whooo Has Class is meeting up with Who Dead in the dazzeling sunset! Navy Whip leather bracelet with Luna 2.0 and four Dreamscape.

The third and last bead is Boarding! Three skateboards joined together. They are all different, a dove-tailed Surfskate or Carve skateboard with a peace sign on the underside its deck, a Longboard with woodgrain for bombing a hill or laid-back long-distance rides, and the versatile classic Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboard with our OHM logo for tricks, grinding, shredding curves, and getting airborne.

OHMGnome took Boarding and met up with Noice on this gorgeous summer day! They hung out together teaching eachother some new tricks and moves in and around the beautiful city and waters of Seattle! A bangle burst with sunshine with Yellow Sunlight, OHMGnome, Boarding, Full Plexus, Emerald City, Confetti Upchuck, Full Plexus, Noice and Yellow Sunlight.

All together they are so much fun to wear to your first day after the summer vacation, both to school or to work! A bangle with Suckers.

Back To School is a great collection usefull for many different themes! Not only for school but great for recess too!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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