OHM October release preview

For the regular OHM October release there is only one bead, but what a stunner! Release day is October 1.


Mother Lord is an OHM Lab project and OHMlab Assistants are Mary Lord & Calla Lord.

Considering others is paramount. The Motherâ„¢ looks upon us initially, not with grief and sorrow, but gratitude for all that has been given and all that will be received. Our identity coalesces through reflections witnessed in others. It never existed. We created it. The familiar. The known. The quantifiably positive truth comes through being witnessed.

All will decompose until nothing remains, yet somehow continue to exist within the nothing. The unknown provides possibilities, and our brain chemistry allows us to … know them.

Scale by scale, each deed is measured divine, and every soul connection deepens the Self. We see in others what we see in ourselves.

When you find out what you are seeing, how will you feel? What will she see, what will she feel?


There is one day left to preorder Woot Bear Francis!

FRANCIS is the third design in the OHM WOOT BEAR series with Steve. PHINNEAS & CHLOE are now available worldwide as a regular part of the OHM collection.

The original Woot Bear design was born in Steve Ferrera’s Berkeley art studio in 2016 for an art show at Woot Bear Gallery in San Francisco. The original bear was a 5-inch tall solid cast resin figure painted with acrylic paints. For the show, a dozen top toy designers were asked to customize the bear. The design continues to evolve and find new iterations, this time finding a home in the jewelry and bead world with OHM Beads in Seattle, Washington. The bead designs were created by OHM who incorporated some signature swirls found in their logo.

The limited-edition release of WOOT BEAR FRANCIS is part of Project OHMistry and is a limited edition version signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included. Quantity pre-ordered will be quantity produced.

You can order Woot Bear here: https://ohmbeads.com/po


And coming September 24 is Mouse Girl.

Mouse Girl by Anna Johnstone @_yoiiii

Yoii is a fictitious character currently hiding around Wellington, New Zealand. She likes dogs, cheese, Scarlett Johansson falling down, watching drunk couples argue… and sometimes drawing.

If you would like to have Yoii as your illustrator and work together on a project or commission her send an email, she would love to hear from you – hello@yo-ii.com & follow on Instagram @y_yoiiii

Currently available for illustration, branding, murals & general art clowning around.

This limited-edition release of MOUSE GIRL is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 55 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included.

Some nice and gorgeous beads released! Hurry if you want Woot Bear Francis!

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