OHM Maze Of Life

From OHM Lab, a fun project where OHMies help design the most beautiful beads, comes Maze Of Life! OHM Lab asssitants are @chenggggs_collection (Myra Cheng Moon), @niyumes_collection (Nicole Cheng Moon), and @natasha_c.m (Natasha Cheng Moon)

The design of Maze Of Life is based on the mindboggling artwork of M.C. Escher. Drawings that define the laws of nature, waterfalls that flow upwards, fish morphing into birds, 3D that looks logical but isn’t.

Maze Of Life is based on a drawing called Relativity, steps that connect, people walking up, or is it down?

I am so happy with Maze Of Life! Escher is a Dutch artist and I visited a big exhibition in his hometown of Baarn some years ago!

The ceramic labyrinth I used in the pictures is made by Thea Grobben.

Starting with a bracelet based on Escher’s artwork. I feel Nian Nian You Yu and the black and white represents the many graphic pictures of the fish perfectly! A Whip leather bracelet with Key, Nian Nian You Yu, AFAIK, Maze of life and Rolled Over Slim.

Here I made a small design using the Skinny bracelet with OHM Bar. I combined Maze Of Life with glass called DNA Code. Isn’t that a maze of life all by itself?

Life is a challenge and full of sometimes difficult choices. To reflect that theme I made a bangle with Blue Lagoon, Don’t Give Up, Blueberry, Maze Of Life, Blue Sol, Life’s A Beach and Hole.

And I made this bracelet with aspects of life like nature as in Luna 2 and Beadmail 6, food: The Feast and the beginning of it all: Kamasutra. It’s the circle of life! with glass Vacation, Flames and OHMniques.

Maze Of Life is a stunning and surpising bead! There is so much to discover and look at! I am amazed by the complexity, so much detail in such a small bead! A piece of art by itself!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

2 thoughts on “OHM Maze Of Life

  1. A wonderful bead ! It is definitely on my Wishlist since Myra announced her #ohmlab project! Thanks for this review, dear Trudy!

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