Oblivionbeads In Growth

This month The Art Oblivion released a new silver bead called In Growth! To celebrate the Solstice The Art Oblivion has 50 % discount on all Oblivion beads until the end of the year!

In Growth is the Oblivion beads signature barrel shaped silver bead covered all around with Monstera Deliciosa leaves!

The story that goes with In Growth:

We are going through a collective global experience. In the face of COVID-19 and everything that comes along with it, we are all being forced to adapt as individuals, families, pods, towns, cities, states, and global communities. We are all IN GROWTH.

The newest bead exclusive to The Art Oblivion collection is IN GROWTH, a silver bead etched with overlapping leaves of the Monstera Deliciosa. By developing holes in its leaves, the Monstera Deliciosa is better suited to withstand heavy rainfall and wind as their leaves allow the elements to pass through the holes. This bead invites us to open up spaces in our minds and emotional bodies so that we may withstand and weather whatever may come to pass. The overlapping leaves represent the way we are all in this together.

In the wild, the Monstera Deliciosa also creates a fruit that when eaten ripe tastes like the combination of strawberries, passion fruit, mango, and pineapple. When eaten before it’s ripe, the same fruit can cause throat burns and irritation. Monstera Deliciosa quite literally means Delicious Monster, for a reason. I offer you this Monstara bead as a reminder and a talisman to find patience in this seemingly endless pandemic. If you have the patience to wait for the fruit of your GROWTH to fully ripen, you will be in for a real treat. The key to ingesting and appreciating the unusual Monstera fruit – and the fruit that this unusual time is offering us – is to wait for the hard, protective outer shell to fall away and reveal the ripened, sweet material underneath. What will the fruits of your openness, and your patience, taste like?

I made a video of the opening of the blind bag that was added to my Black Friday sale order!

This bangle is made with OHM Masked Self and two Pandora glass beads. Stacked with an OHM leather bracelet.

To enhance the Leaf design on In Growth I made a bangle with Eske Storm’s leaf and two OHM glass exclusive for The Art Oblivion Humor and Coalesce. Stacked with an Oblivion leather bracelet with In Flow bead.

In Growth tells the story about difficult challenges we face during this pandemic. OHM’s Don’t Give Up and OHM My God 5 are reminders for me to persist and Life Is A Beach! Stacked with a Pandora bracelet with birthday blooms and Cabochons.

I love the Obivion beads and the stories that go with them! Inspiring, reflective and encouraging reminders to help me through my day! Here I brought them all together on n OHM Whip leather bracelet. Silvers In Flow, In Process, In Search, In Awe and In Growth and the glass Superimpose, Roar and Shine!

And here I combined all the Oblivion silver barrel beads with all the OHM My God beads for a monochrome look.

The Art Oblivion also made a series of stickers with collage art that corresponds with the bead collection! This sticker is Persist! All artwork, boxes and packaging have that mesmerizing iridescent rainbow effect I love so much!

In Growth is yet another inspiring and beautiful crafted silver barrel bead that gives me a feeling of strength and gives a heart warming message!

You can buy In Growth here: https://theartoblivion.com/products/in-growth-tao-silver-bead

Remember the awesome 50 % off until the end of the year!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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