OHM Beadmail and GOTM 2021

After OHM canceled Bead Of The Month two years ago already (want to see a complete list? Here: https://trudyscharmsnbeads.com/2019/12/26/bye-bye-botm/) This year OHM started a new similar concept called Beadmail! We already are familiar with the occasional blind bag where we get surprised with a different colour or slightly altered design of a certain bead. But with Beadmail it’s a total mystery! A monthly subscription to eehh WHAT? You either must be daft or full of trust to get into something like that! Luckily I am both and I took the plunge! And wow, what a great first Beadmail year we had! Not all designs were that surprising and there were some delivery hiccups along the way, but I think it is worth your while!

Beadmail started in April and in September OHM gave us Glass Of The Month. Another monthly blind bag subscription. I started mine in November.

OHM always accompanies their beads with great stories! To read them you can find them here: https://ohmbeads.com/pages/ohm-beadmails-revealed?_pos=3&_sid=f66a063a2&_ss=r

I wanted to list them all on this last day of the year and here they are!


What an awesome start Beadmail no. 1 was! A little late for Easter but I had so much fun with him! An angry bunny trying to get out of an Easter egg!


Beadmail no. 2 is a variation on Hug Me! Some problems with the postal service, he got send back and had to be shipped again. To enter in Kit Ohm’s monthly giveaway I fabricated my own version using Hug Me! At last after almost two months he arrived! Bl@#y mail!


Beadmail no. 3 was a huge surprise! At the start it was said no glass but nobody said anything about stones! And I had seen them before. A couple of years ago when I visited Seattle and met the OHM team Kit showed me some future and concept bead designs and with them were four different stones! Last year Kit sold the Jade, Crystal and Petrified Wood on Facebook and I managed to get the first two! I asked Kit about the blue one and he said he wanted to keep that one! So glad he changed his mind!


Beadmail no. 4 is a variation on the Baby Blocks Love Family and Ohmily beads. There were a couple of different designs and it was a lot of fun seeing what design everyone got! I added no#4 to the celebratory bracelet I made for OHM’s 13th anniversary by highlighting some of OHM’s favourite holidays as World Emoji Day, Beadmas, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Draw A Dinosaur Day, OG Fest and Free Shipping Day!


Beadmail no. 5 is a variation on Year Of The Monkey! He ended up on my Inner Self bracelet looking awesome mirrored with Monkey Business! Beadmail no. 5 meditating (ooohhhhmmm) and Monkey Business shopping for beads (OOOHHHHMMM)

BEADMAIL NO. 6 September

Beadmail no. 6 is a gorgeous design! One one side rooftops and on the other side nature and flowers. I love living in the countryside, we choose country over city. So I made a bangle with The Office for our dilapidated farmhouse we did up over the years and Wings Of Protection for all the beautiful nature surrounding us!

GOTM NO. 1 and 2

In September Glass Of The Month started with the Nigiri glass on the left. GOTM no. 2 is the glass on the right with skulls!

BEADMAIL NO. 7 October

Beadmail no. 7 had some delays too. Arrived over a month late but what a stunner! He found his place on my Haloween bracelet.

BEADMAIL NO. 8 – GOTM NO. 3 November

Beadmail no. 8 is so stunning! It’s a Whip leather bracelet with Hug Me, Luna, Love Hurts and a glass bead! I made a bangle with the three original beads and GOTM no. 3, a Nigiri shape glass. They both are now on my Mother Lord bracelet.

BEADMAIL NO. 9 – GOTM NO. 4 December

And the latest December release is Beadmail no. 9 Year Of The Tiger and GOTM no. 4 a white festive glass with specs of silver inside.

Beadmail no. 9 is on my Chinese New Year bracelet with the complete OHM Chinese zodiac collection! I managed to find Year Of The Horse glass just this year!

And GOTM no. 4 is on my New Years Eve bracelet! I will be wearing that one tonight!

I love the monthly surpises with this subscibsion! If like me you like a surprise, love and trust OHM then this is for you too!

I cannot wait to see what OHM will have in store for us this coming year! Luckily I don’t have to wait too long, next month’s will ship tomorrow!! Happy New Year!!

You can find all the details of the Beadmail subscription here: https://ohmbeads.com/pages/beadmail?_pos=2&_sid=f66a063a2&_ss=r

And for GOTM here: https://ohmbeads.com/products/gotm

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