OHM Heartstring

Happy release day! Today is the release of OHM Heartstring, a beautiful heart shaped kite with a dangeling handle. Another fun OHM Lab project, lab assistants are beads.inspired, jojo701212 and weimingting.

Heartstring is a very special bead, the loop at the back and the shape of the kite makes the bead sit perfectly snug between two glass beads.

OHMGnome loves to take his Heartstring out on a breezy day! A bangle with Rise, Woodstock Love, Imagine, OHMGnome, Rainbowed, Heartstring, Stream, Birdie and Wisp.

Up, up and away with the balloons from the Fun Zone collection! I attached the handle from Heartstring to the leather bracelet I stacked the bangle with. A bangle with Puf A Star, Teal Sucker, Heartstring, Orange Sucker, Puf A Puf, Purple Sucker and Puf A Heart.

Put Heartstring upside down and it looks like the peace sign, so fun! A bangle with Woodstock Love and Peace, Meteorite, Woodstock Fly, Woodstock, Purple Haze, Heartstring, Meteorite and Peace Guitar set.

And I love Heartstring on my Rainbow Love bracelet with other OHM hearts!

Heartstring is a beautiful and surprising bead, very different and so much fun to combine!

You can buy Heartstring here: https://ohmbeads.com/products/aay061 and all OHM retailers.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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