I am high on Space beads!

I did it! I finally ordered my very own OHM Big Luna! I am over the moon! Space themes are one of the most popular and versatile themes in my opinion! It can contain astronomy, sci-fi, aliens, spacecrafts, comics. I for one am mesmerized by all the possibilities and scenarios that are out there! The sky is the limit!

Big Luna was launched in March 2018 and I visited Seattle that month meeting up with the OHM team. I had a close encounter with Big Luna and fel in love with it right away! And finally this week all the stars lined up right to order Big Luna and have one all to myself! I blame yesterday’s full moon!

And while waiting for Big Luna to arrive I am celebrating by taking a look at my space beads and bracelets!

It so happened Cute UFO was my very first OHM bead! I bought it in 2014. And in 2015 my OHM collection took of! live Long And Prosper soon followed.

My first OHM beads Cute UFO, Year Of The Ram, Live Long And Prosper, Love Hurts and Pacific Opal on a Trollbeads bracelet with Pandora, Trollbeads and Chamilia beads Spring 2015.

Autumn 2015 I finished my first complete OHM bracelet!

In 2016 Bead Of The Month May was Luna! An amazingly detailed moon bead!

I also bought Spaceshuttle.

My very first space bangle with Pandora glass.

And I added Astronaut and a very old OHM bead The World!

I visited a Star Trek exhibition in Seattle that autumn, I am a huge longtime Star Trek fan! This is the Star Trek uniform worn by Leonard Nimoy aka mr. Spock!

And I met the OHM team, Kit gave me the Space Rocket.

In 2017 I got the gorgeous Dreamscape glass. And Chestburster who was released for the new Alien movie Alien Covenant.

When UFO was released I finally made a whole bracelet. I added two robots and Moon Me because I ran out of space beads! With Dreamscape and Purple Haze glass.

Stardust was released for Christmas 2017 and I added it to my Space bracelet. The dark glass is Nightsky. And with Baby Argh.

In 2018 Astronargh was released and he lived on my Space bracelet for a while.

In 2019 the Luna collection was released. Three Moon phases Crescent, Quarter and Gibbous Luna made for a bangle with Astronargh and Rawr glass.

Space bangle & bracelet. The glass on the bangle are Blue Sol, Natural Sight and Agave.

And then Gnomestronaut landed and became best buddies with Astronargh.

Happily floating around my wrist.

Autumn 2019 saw the release of the Out There collection, three glass beads called Galaxy, Deep Blue and A Sirus Wish.

January 2020 OHM released Peace Alien! A hilarious alien who is making the peace greeting with his right hand and holding his fingers crossed on his back with his left hand.

In March I bought Space Trash and astRAWRoid, exclusive for Joseph Welch jewellers. AstRAWRoid moved to my Dinosaur bracelet.

April 2020 OHM released Luna 2.0! A long awaited variation on the immense popular Luna. I made this bangle with OHMGnome and Gnomestronaut together with the Panorama beads XXX and Emerald City. And Luna, Trollbeads Earth and the glass Blue Lagoon, Blueberry and Hole.

Heavenly stack with a second Luna 2.0. Can’t have enough Luna’s right!

OHM Studio creates one of a kind beads. I bought Apple Moon, Luna 2.0 with a leaf attached.

Stars everywhere!

When the sun sets, the moon rises! This bangle has the glass Sunset and two Yellow Sunlight. Moon Me, the Luna collection and Stardust complete this bangle.

In March last year OHM released Luna Love! A moon shaped like a heart. I have quiet a Luna collection now!

Luna Love with my chocolate Labrador Lunah.

I caved when I saw another OHM Studio creation for sale: Flower Moon!

I am so in love with my space beads, bangles and bracelets!

And one of my latest finds is ICU Monster! A long long retired bead that I have waited for like forever!

And here is my Space bracelet how it is today! I feel so honored that I now can add Big Luna to my Space bead collection! I thought it was complete now, but I came across another stunner of a bead on the OHM website the other day!

Oh wow!! That is so absolutely amazing!! Keep on dreaming I guess!

SciFi exhibition in Rotterdam 2019, Space suit worn by Leonard Nimoy aka mr. Spock in the movie Star Trek The Motion Picture. And the Whip leather bracelet I was wearing.

Now the Big Wait begins, Big Luna is a custom order and takes up to 8 weeks to ship! For a big Lunatic like me that is an eternity! Put me in stasis with the Borg right now please! I will show you Big Luna here on my blog as soon as it arrives!

Last five pictures Seattle March 2018, Big Luna & me, photo credit Jenny Ohm.

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