OHM Puppy Love

Meet Lunah, our 14 month old chocolate Labrador puppy, living with us for just over a year now. Both Lunah and I will be showing you OHM’s latest release Puppy Love!

Puppy Love is a heart shaped bead with angel wings lovingly embracing a puppy.

Dogs and puppies are fun but also loads of work! I made this bangle especially for Lunah with Hot Chocolate, Puppy Love, Five Ideas, Lucky Moves, Five Ideas, Luna Love and Chocolate Ribbons. Scooping poop is one of my daily tasks! 💩🤢

This bangle is a tribute to the other dogs that accompanied me through my life’s journey. Robin, a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix and Zora, a yellow Labrador. The beads are Dog & Bone, Delicate Flower, Puppy Love, Venetus and Labrador Retriever. Stacked with the Whip leather bracelet with Seattle Humane Society Animal Rescue dangle.

The third hole in the top of Puppy Love makes it possible to wear it on the ball chain necklace.

Puppy Love is also a gorgeously made bead for a commemorative bracelet. The angel wings are holding your puppy in eternal love and memory. A bangle with Thunderstorms, OHMMyGod, Cosmo, Puppy Love, Pinkberry, OHMMyGod 2.0 and Candy Crush.

Puppy Love reminded me of this combination I wore last year to commemorate the passing of our yellow Labrador Zora. Wings Of Protection holding Labrador Retriever on the ball chain necklace with Yellow Sunlight glass.

Puppy & Luna Love bangle combined with my Pets bracelet. On this bracelet are beads for all the pets that are or were in my life. Cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and Guinea pigs. With Memories In Sand and Paws Of Love.

Puppy Love is a beautiful, lovingly, meaningful and heartwarming bead that I and Lunah love! But be careful or you end up in the doghouse!

Puppy Love is on back order for March but available at OHM retailers.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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