Spiritbeads Love Birds

Spiritbeads released a lovely set of beads called Love Birds! They are just perfect for Valentines Day and I feel also the most gorgeous Spring announcers!

Love birds comes with a certificate of authenticity. All Spiritbeads are completely handmade in Germany!

Love Birds is a set of two different birds that once joined fit together perfectly like any love couple would!

Perfect pair!

Love Birds are just made for a Valentines love bracelet! I love how they hug together! A bangle with OHM beads.

Valentines Day for me is the first starting sign of Spring! Love is in the air and the time has come for nature and new life to bloom! After birds made love they lay eggs! Many birds look after the eggs and chicks together. A bangle with OHM and Bella Fascini. Stacked with X-jewelry.

Birds live high up in the tops of the trees! I love how Love Birds can be worn separate like this, they look like they are moving! A bangle with OHM and Pandora.

Love Birds are an awesome announcer of Spring starting with Valentines Day! I cannot wait for Spring to arrive and with Love Birds I feel it’s here very soon!

You can buy Love Birds here: https://www.star-bijou.de/spiritbeads/spiritbeads-turteltauben.html and at Spiritbeads retailers.

A Spring bracelet with OHM, Bella Fascini, Trollbeads and Pandora.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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