OHM Bunny Unicorn

Another adorable OHM Bunny is released this month: Bunny Unicorn!

Bunny Unicorn is an eager little bunny who wants to grow up fast to be as magical as his famous father, the Easter Bunny! His mommy wants to help him and gives him a unicorn pyjama so he is as magical as his father!

Unicorn Bunny is out playing with his bunny cousins! A bangle in cheerful spring colours inspired by daffodils! With Holey Bunny, Lawn, Bunny Reaper, Mcctrish Hold Fast, Beadmail#1, Mccjordi Freedom, Bunny Unicorn, Sun and Bunny Angel. Stacked with Skinny bracelet with on the Bar lock Lucky Moves, Spring Refractions and Moving On.

Bunny Unicorn is magical and it doesn’t get any more magical than OHMgnome for me! A bangle with Unicorny, Bunny Unicorn, Unicorn Poop, Lucky Moves, Plant, OHMgnome, Drop, Jingle Locks, Rainbowed, Magic Frog and Dreamscape. Stacked with Skinny bracelet with on the Bar lock Painting The Roses Red.

With the Lucky Red Whip leather bracelet with OHM WHO lock and Tulips, Spring Refractions and two Leaf Life Bunny Unicorn is celebrating Spring!

Bunny Unicorn with Suckers and Confetti Upchuck.

Spring bracelet with OHM, Trollbeads, Bella Fascini, Spiritbeads and Pandora,

Bunny Unicorn is such a cute and adorable Spring reminder! With Easter just around the corner Bunny Unicorn is so good to have on your wrist!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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