OHM March release preview

We are looking at the OHM March release today, only one but he is such a cutie! Release day is March 1st!

Once upon a time, there was a little bunny who loved magic, all kinds of magic. They would hop into the forest to play with fairies, gnomes, and pixies who would sprinkle magic dust. Who wouldn’t love floating into the air, changing colors, or enjoying a bit of invisibility during a game of hide and seek?

The bunny learned more straightforward magic tricks, too, like turning a handkerchief into a dove or pulling little sister out of a hat.

The little bunny’s favorite magical creature was the unicorn. Imagine a snowy white unicorn with prancing hooves and flowing mane, the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. The unicorn was faster than light, creating rainbows by galloping. The unicorn was mysterious and wise, able to detect evil hidden in a deceitful heart or cure injury with its magical horn.

Bunny would sigh and wish that he was a noble, beautiful unicorn.

Bunny’s Mother once overheard the sighing and wishing to be a magical unicorn. “But you are already magical,” she said. “You are no ordinary bunny. Your father is the magical Easter Bunny, and someday, you too will deliver colored eggs, chocolates, marshmallow chicks, and other treats in your Easter basket to good little girls and boys all over the world. You are exceptional.”

“Oh, Mom,” the bunny sighed. “It takes too long to grow up. I want to be magic NOW! And I want to be strong and beautiful like the unicorn.”

She gave her child a big hug. “You ARE strong and beautiful to me,” as bunny squirmed away and hopped off to the forest to play with imaginary friends and dream of becoming a majestic unicorn.

Easter morning, the bunny found a bundle wrapped with a bow next to his basket of sweets. The tag on the package said, “Some wishes come true.”

Bunny tore off the wrapping paper, and there lay a white bunny-size unicorn pajamas.

The hood has a flowing mane and a spiral horn with holes for his ears, and the seat of the onesie has a flowing unicorn tail. With a squeal of delight, the little bunny squeezed into his new unicorn suit and hopped off to the forest to show his friends.

Bunny loves that unicorn suit so much that he never takes it off. The seat is patched, the arms and legs are tattered, the zipper is broken, and a few stitches hold it all together; but Bunny will tell you that he is now the Easter Unicorn and more magical and magnificent than ever!

So, if the Bunny Unicorn comes to your house this Easter, or happens to hop upon your bracelet, don’t be too startled.

Remember, “Some wishes come true.”

Spring and Easter are just around the corner, Unicorn Bunny really brings that so much closer!

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