OHM Inner Self 2.0, Holly Hoop, Mistletoe Wreath, Winter Bough, Milk & Cookies and Do Xmas

This month OHM released Inner Self 2.0! There is always a lot of controversy when OHM revisits past designs, especially with limited editions. The original Inner Self was released as Bead of the Month back in May 2019, only 555 pieces were made. I feel that reinventing past designs makes it possible for new collectors (or maybe someone who wasn’t able to buy the design back then) to enjoy those beautiful creations!

Inner Self 2.0 is renewed and OHM listened to the OHMily wishes! More of the beautiful glass inside is visible from all sides! Again the glass varies with every bead and therefore it’s a blind bag release. For now it’s on backorder on the main OHM website! But it’s not a limited edition so it will soon be available again.

A side by side comparison shows the original (left) with the new Inner Self (right). It is a new design, the face is also remade.

And the new Inner Self clearly shows more of it’s inner self!

My Inner Self 2.0 shows blue/green colours fading into pink and turns purple around the back! I love reveling more of the lovely glass!

I was lucky to get a similar colour palate to my first Inner Self so I first made this bangle with two Persist, Jingle Balls and Chi Chi Sticks.

But if you know me I love a full bracelet! So I made this knock-out show piece! Also on here are Holly Hoop, Mistletoe Wreath and Winter Bough, all three ever green Christmas and winter decorations!

This festive season OHM released a couple of Juletide beads and they are so much detailed and delicate!

This bead was released last month and I am still debating if I would put him on my Halloween or my Christmas bracelet?? He is called Do Xmas and is a voodoo Christmas cookie!

Winter Bough is a wreath with a dangling acorn! A beautiful evergreen winter decoration!

Milk & Cookies is a fun bead, the bail is made up of two candy canes with a cookie and cup dangling from them!

More green decorations with this stunning Holly Hoop! All the holly leaves and berries are dangling and this adds a lot of dynamic to your Christmas bracelet!

And last but not least Mistletoe Wreath! This is a solid bead with the two bottom berries dangling!

Combining them all together I made this Christmas Inner Self bangle with the festive red and green coloured glass! And stacked with a red leather bracelet!

Just look how awesome Holly Hoop moves on your bracelet!

And Mistletoe Wreath is such a subtle but stunning addition to any Christmas design!

Christmas is almost upon us! So I hope you and your loved ones have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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