OHM January Rabbit Rocker, The Lucky Lanterns, Universal Understanding, Mercury Muse, South Jetty, Black Sands, Tide Pools, Driftwood Cove, Love Hurts-ish

Today is the OHM January release day!

These beads are beeing released and I am going to take a closer look at some of them!

I want to start with Rabbit Rocker! The next in the Chinese New Year series after Lion Dance, Ox Ole and Tiger Two-Step!

In China for the new year celebrations it is tradition for dansers to wear masks to resemble animals or mystical beasts and with their movements ask for good luck and fortune for the new year.

Rabbit Rocker and all the beads in this series are based on the Chinese New Year masks and have a moving jaw!

This video shows how the jaw moves!

Rabbit Rocker can also be worn on the ball chain necklace.

Another Chinese New Year release is The Lucky Lanterns. This bead comes in a blind bag because the glass inside varies in colour!

This The Lucky Lanterns is a very dark midnight blue glass.

Combining them together with my Chinese Zodiac bracelet and Luna 2.0! The Chinese New Year starts with the first new moon in the new year!

OHM also released two space beads!

Universal Understanding is a gorgeous glass! It’s a whole galaxy inside a barrel glass bead!

This is Mercury Muse, a planet engulfed in solar flames! And OHM just annouched today that Mercury Muse is the first in a series of space beads! More planets and space beads are coming throughout the year!

I made this bangle with two Waterfall glass beads, Luna 2.0 and Astrawroid. I also put The Lucky Lanterns on here! The midnight blue colour matches beautifully with the other glass and it reminded me of the galaxy jewel from Men In Black! “The Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt”.

In the beginning of the new year I always long for spring and summer to come and OHM gave us some stunning glass beads to anticipate the upcoming seasons. It’s called the Coastal collection and contains five glass beads with a matt finish similair to the Rawr glass.

Beginning with South Jetty.

This is Black Sands.

This is called Tide Pools.

And Driftwood Cove.

I love the beach and made this bangle with Memories In Sand and Oysters With Shoes.

And last but not least a new stopper that fits on bangles and the Skinny bracelet called Love Hurts-ish is out!

It has the same design as Love Hurts with all the scars and stitches.

I made a little bangle with all my Love Hurts, Love Hurts 2.0, Love Hurts 2.8 and a 14k gold Love Hurts. Stacked with Love Really Hurts. This was the bead that made me fall in love with OHM back in 2015, can you tell? Lol!

New Year’s Eve bracelet with The Lucky Lanterns.

This January release is a gorgeous big release with many stunning themes to add to your collection! And they are out today! Happy New Year Ohmily!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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