OHM February release preview

Happy New Year! And on to the February release already! Some awesome fun, bright and stunning beads are on the way! Release day is January 31st!


Venus influences our receptivity to love and attraction. Venus the 2nd planet from the Sun, the hottest and one of the smallest in our solar system shines as the brightest star in our sky. Due to its similar size and composition, Venus is often called Earth’s sister planet. Astrologists refer to Venus’s energy as earthy, homey, loving, and caring.
Embody Venus to appreciate and feel appreciated by others. Venus reminds us of the simple pleasures of the purest energy, desire… desire for love, balance, and harmony in our lives. Venus increases our appreciation and value of little things in life, how to love and be loved in return. Venus represents the arts, beauty, glamour, luxury, sex, romance, harmony, relationships and all shiny things, like jewelry!
What is love? Allow VENUS VIBES to guide you through life with compassion and understanding. Surf the waves of these vibrations.


Celebrate the super cheesy way with OHM! Popular, and cliche, valentine’s day traditions may include exchanging gifts with your sweetheart, roses and chocolates in heart-shaped boxes. Don’t forget to seal the day with true love’s kiss. This pile of V DAY goodies sums it all up. Represent traditions and all we do, cliche or not, to keep our relationships intact and running as smoothly as possible. Keep it up!


“The most important things are the hardest to say because words diminish them.” – Stephen King. How to say I love you when you feel more than love? What words shall we use to explain the feeling of deep devotion and life long dedication? What happens when commitment and respect become the driving force for the relationship? Don’t just use words. Take action and make decisions, adore and treasure, trust and value, express your love with beads.


When the point of focus is pure, your ego drifts away. When the bones align correctly, relaxation happens and tension disappears. When the heat is more than skin deep, you surrender and give in. HOT STONE is a hint from nature, it is one of the open doors that invite you to transition to oneness.


Round and round it goes where it stops nobody knows. Is something going round in your head you can’t stop thinking about it? It may be a sign to pay closer attention to your thoughts. Let the big idea rattling around inside out for a change. Fill the world around you with your colorful ideas. Blossom and open yourself from the deepness within.


This is a blind bag release with a fifty fifty chance on one of these two beads.



Every Dreamhouse is a money-pit, so live your fantasy on your wrist, and every room you’re in.
Whoever said Orange is the new Pink may have seriously been on to something. No matter which side of the fence you lie on, make your jewelry, and your home be an extension of who you are. From Eden to Paradise you can’t really go wrong. Are you ready to take a risk?

BARBIE PARADISE leans pink, and MIDGE EDGE leans orange. Each DREAMHOUSE contains one bead, and is sealed in a blind bag with certificate. Blind bag items are final sale. Which one would you choose? And which one are you gonna get?


The OHM C BANGLE is an open bangle with end caps studded with colored CZ or stone. The caps unscrew to allow you to load up the bracelet design of your choice. An open “C” shape the bangle is slightly adjustable, and quite rigid. Choose SMALL if you wear a 6.7″ (17cm) or smaller and Choose MEDIUM if you wear an 17.1” (18cm) or larger. Available in multiple colors.


The butterfly has long been a powerful symbol of new life, hope, sacrifice and transformation. We all experience different forms of death in our lives: loved ones passing, broken friendships, deep suffering, loneliness, lost jobs, poor health (and so much more). But through loss and devastation, there is always the promise of hope. Because it is only through death that new life, hope and even healing, can come.

Much time and sacrifice is endured before a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. The wings of CELEBRATE LIFE represent an in-flight action, symbolizing transformation and a call to action; the latter being important & necessary for new life. It doesn’t just happen; we make it happen with a lot of work and sacrifice.

Celebrating life is intentional and takes hard work; it embodies light and hope. The butterfly is life. And like a butterfly, life is beautiful and precious. It’s so important to live in the moment and to celebrate life every day. The slightly darker backside of this design and the bright shiny silver front side, connote darkness to light, in that dying is always necessary for new life. Therefore, acceptance and action define the ascent from darkness to light.

The 3 stars engraved on the back of this butterfly’s wing are meant to serve as your own personal reminders of how you will celebrate life.
Embedded in the wings’ open work design, we find the OHM Symbol. It is a constant affirmation of the OHMily we share in. There is also a heart shape in the wings – a reminder that we can transform the world with love.

The amethyst heart as the centre, emphasizes our transformative love and adds an element of natural stone that represents healing and peace. It’s also purple and, not surprisingly, Rita’s favorite color! The design of this butterfly bead is intentionally whimsical and fairytale-like to help bring a little magic to our lives. Even through difficult times, and the many sacrifices, may there always be hope in the promise of new life ahead.

As you find your own meaning for CELEBRATE LIFE, I wish that this bead can always serve as that spark of hope and as a reminder to celebrate, even the little things, every day. May we always “seize” every moment. Life is short, let’s celebrate it!

by Rita @acharmeddreamer

An avid bead collector and crazy Disney fan, Rita has made it her mission to share hope, make a difference, and celebrate life every day through all she does, including her social media platforms and as co-host of Charm Chat Podcast.

She’s a dreamer and has learned to never give up on her dreams, encouraging others to do the same.

Her own 3 reminders of how to “celebrate life” are: have an attitude of gratitude, put love into action and always keep dreaming. You can find Rita on Instagram and YouTube @acharmeddreamer!

This limited-edition release of CELEBRATE LIFE is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included with the special packaging designed by Rita @acharmeddreamer.

Wow, another stunning release for this February! Getting me all warm and tingly in these cold and dark days!

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