Pixie beads Magical Dianthus exclusive for Story in the Bead

From Australia comes Pixie Beads! Created by Starr, an enthusiast lady I got to know through Pandora charm collecting on line and she collected beads with a passion! This passion lead to the creation of her own bead brand and a collection of gorgeous designs! Check her out on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/pixiebeads

Now Story in the Bead based in Prague, Czech Republic is the only store in Europe to have Magical Dianthus, a store exclusive!

Story in the Bead stockphoto

Magical Dianthus is a limited edition, only 30 beads are made. Magical Dianthus is a silver barrel shaped bead with a beautiful design of flowers and petals spread around the bead. Magical Dianthus has two gemstones imbedded. London Blue Topaz, a delicate light blue. And Peridot, a gorgeous fresh green!

I had such fun playing with this gorgeous and versatile bead! Magical Dianthus fits right in on bracelets and bangles and also stands out as a focal bead!

I first made a bracelet with a Trollbeads bangle, two gorgeous Pandora murano glass beads, two Moress stones and stacked with a X-Jewellery bracelet. The cute X-Jewellery Hedgehog is also a Story in the Bead exclusive! I wrote about this cutie some time ago, you can find the post here: https://trudyscharmsnbeads.com/2022/06/06/x-jewellery-hedgehog-exclusive-for-story-in-the-bead/

This bracelet is created with an OHM bangle, Inner Self, two Jingle Balls and Mistletoe Wreath and stacked with a The Art Oblivion leather bracelet!

I love this statement bracelet! It lets the beads speak for themselves! Such stunning and strong designs! An OHM red Whip leather bracelet with Dianthus Sweet William with Amythist and Rhodolite Garnet and Bloom!

This bracelet is made with a Trollbeads bangle, Hopeful Poppies, Lotus and Lotus Top, Pandora Flowers Ball and the Cabochon spacers Carnelian, Garnet and Orange Moonstone.

Making a huge inpact with a filled up bracelet! A Pandora bangle stuffed with Birthday Blooms and Cabochons and Pixie Beads lovely Asteria, Dianthus Sweet William and Bloom. Stacked with a X-Jewellery bracelet with Hedgehog!

I am in love with Magical Dianthus! A big yet delicate bead that really makes a statement! Both solo and combined on a bracelet! The precious gemstones give a pop of colour and interest to any bracelet combination!

You can buy Magical Dianthus here: https://www.storyinthebead.cz/jezkovy-koralky/kouzelny-karafiat-magical-dianthus-pixie-beads/

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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