OHM Rainbow Rain, Spacious Skies, Above The Plains, Mountain Majesties and Mars Madhouse

This April release by OHM definitely has a Spring vibe to it! I love the outdoor fresh air feel the beads give me! It sure inspired me to make some fun bracelet designs feeling the sunshine and the occasional Spring shower! Release day is April 4!

Kicking off with Rainbow Rain! This is an awesome new style bead design! Underneath the cloud there are dangling moving chains with little droplets attached. The bracelet or necklace threads through the bead, letting it sit at an angle. If you are like me and like to thumble and twirl with your beads then this is the most fun bead for you! I can’t keep my hands off of it!

And this month’s glass! I am blown away by the detail and depth this glass has! The colours are so fresh and seasonal and flow inside the glass like waves! This gorgeous yellow is called Spacious Skies and is like the sun!

Fresh Spring green this is Above The Plains.

And the last one is a gorgeous swirly crimson pink kind of purple glass called Mountain Majesties.

Spring is not always sunshine, we need the occasional fresh shower and sometimes a thunderstorm! And after heavy rain we will see the sun again and if we are lucky we get treated with a gorgeous rainbow!

I made a thunderstorm stack with a bangle with Spacious Skies, See Forever and Lemon Drop Sorbet. And a bangle with Fairy Wren, Dreamscape, From The Depth, Rainbow Rain, Mountain Majesties, Purple Haze and Dreamscape.

Rainbow Rain sits on an angle on a necklace. Just plain it’s a showstopper or combined with glass it is stunning! On the Ball Chain necklace and with The Art Oblivion Imagine and Stream.

Easter is just around the corner and green and yellow are the colours to go with Easter! And bunnies! This is Easter OHM style! A bangle with Green Crack, Beadmail #1, Spacious Skies, Rainbow Rain, Above The Plains, Beadmail #22 Dive In and Lemon Drop Sorbet. Stacked with an OHM leather bracelet with Pet Bunny.

Almost all the colours of the rainbow! Red Whip leather bracelet with Above The Plains, Mountain Majesties, Spacious Skies, Stream, Rainbowed Rain and Imagine.

Rainbow Rain and Spacious Skies on the Skinny bracelet.

OHM releases a planet from our solar system each month! And the next planet in the Space series is Mars Madhouse!

After (from right to left) Mercury Muse, Venus Vibes and Earth Eden there is Mars Madhouse. The energy of Mars is considered as masculine. Like Venus Vibes is feminine with flowing lines, Mars Madhouse is manly with sharp edges. The bail is triangular and the crownlike design holds the free floating Mars planet in place!

And here is how I wear them! A bangle with GOTM # 12 Dark Side, Mars Madhouse, The World, Black Sands, Earth Eden, Luna, Meteorite, Venus Vibes, Luna 2.0, Mercury Muse and Ash Hole. Stacked with a black leather bracelet with Astrawroid and Gnomestronaut. And my Luna collection New Luna, Crescent Luna, Quarter Luna, Gibbous Luna, Luna 2.0 and Big Luna on a Whip Leather bracelet with OHM WHO clasp worn as a necklace.

Also coming is the Himmapan Marshmallow collection. I will review them separately.

I love the April release! Let the Spring begin and we can’t go wrong with this collection to highlight the coming season!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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